Indigo Janson: 3D Models and Renders

Good to meet you! I’m a 3D generalist, with end-to-end experience of 3D content creation and promotional art rendering.

You can find my recent commercial work in my store on Daz3D where I’m a brokered PA (published artist). My projects sold via Daz range from clothing for latest Genesis 3 female and male models, to exterior and interior environments with props, plus character poses and shader presets.

My portfolio is hosted at I’m always happy to hear from anyone interested in working with me professionally.

I also keep a blog on this site. Take a look for posts on making, buying and using 3D models or to get digital image processing hints and tips.

IndigoJanson 2016 Models

Canal Country for TD3 by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

Canal Country for TD3 by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

IndigoJanson 3D model of radio antenna with moveable dish

Radio Astronomy Telescope by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

Morphing 3D Road, Railroad Crossing and Props Pack for TD3

Road ‘n’ Rails by Indigo Janson at Daz3D, for Terradome 3

A gothic / Medieval dining vignette with food and props, by IndigoJanson

Dinner With the Duke Gothic Dining by Indigo Janson, Daz3D

An interior with elevator, corridor and rehearsal / audition room plus drama schoo props

Big City Drama multi-room interior by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

  • I have 2 more projects are underway for a December release — the NDA means I can’t hint further but I’m excited about them and hope my fans will be too!
  • Canal Country for TerraDome 3 — A more niche project for TerraDome 3, as I enjoyed working with it so much on the Road ‘n’ Rails project. This time I created a canal/river morph and terrain, which of course was then crying out for a 3D narrowboat and props. The narrowboat, like the radio antenna, was a more complex mesh than I had anticipated and took a lot of work until I was satisfied with it. While it’s not something every customer will have a need for, I hope those that do find that this colourful scale model inspires some beautiful riverside scenes.
  • Radio Astronomy Telescope — This realistically-poseable multi-part prop looks deceptively simply, but developed into quite a complex project. It was new ground for me, but was something I wanted to see myself in the newly-released TerraDome 3 (it can be used in any environment) and so I was inspired to go ahead and create it.
  • Road ‘n’ Rails for TerraDome 3 — Created to support and supplement the release of TerraDome 3 for DAZ Studio Iray. The TerraDome is such an amazing, versatile terrain by two great talents. How could I resist an opportunity to jump on board? My product has a fully-featured railroad crossing, a road, a set of tracks/railroad, and various road signs and props. Loads of fun to make and I was delighted with how well it went down with customers.
  • Dinner With the Duke — A prop-filled dining room (2-wall vignette) that started from a small, insistent idea. It includes lots of tempting food props and a gorgeous tapestry backdrop, along with a Gothic table and chairs, and everything else needed to dine in style. This is one of my personal favourites.
  • Big City Drama — This detailed multi-room interior was created with a corridor and elevator as well as a prop-filled audition/rehearsal room. This was my first project with MODO. The upright piano was a particularly fun challenge.

IndigoJanson 2015 Models

3D Male Winter Clothing for Iray and 3Delight

Chunky Knit Sweater Outfit by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

V7 and Genesis 3 Steampunk/Lolita dress by IndigoJanson at Daz3D

Victoria 7 and Genesis 3 dress and boots by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

Heeled Everyday / Party Shoes by IndigoJanson at Daz3D

Milonga Dancing Shoes by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

3D Character Pose Set by IndigoJanson at Daz3D

Toon Character Pose Set by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

Vintage Orphanage Model by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

Vintage Orphanage 3D Interior Environment by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

Landscape and Cottages 3D Environments by IndigoJanson at Daz3D

Landscape and Cottages 3D Environments by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

English Country Village 3D Street by IndigoJanson at Daz3D

English Country Village 3D Street by Indigo Janson at Daz3D

  • Snuggle Up Knit Shader Presets — For some winter warmth, I created a shader preset pack with a variety of knit textures and colour-ways. Separate presets were saved for Iray and for 3Delight to make sure these looked great whichever render engine was used.
  • Chunky Knit Sweater Outfit for Genesis 3 Male(s) — This fun outfit includes morphs for getting dressed, and has a realistic knit sweater paired with casual trousers/pants, boots and a cap. There’s a choice of 4 material options for each part of the outfit, and these each have an Iray and a 3Delight option for the best performance with each render engine.
  • Ernestine Outfit for Genesis 3 Female(s) — A pretty 4-piece outfit for Genesis 3 female characters including custom fits for Victoria 7, Bethany 7, Eva 7, Karen 7 and Teen Josie 7. The underskirt is rigged and can be used independently of the dress.
  • Milonga Shoes for Genesis 3 Female(s) — A realistic pair of heeled shoes that can take a character from the office and city streets to elegant evening wear. Inspired by dance shoes and intended to be footwear that a real woman would actually wear.
  • Hard Times Poses for The Little Twins — A set of orphan-themed poses for 3djoji’s adorable toon child characters. These also work well on other characters with small adjustments, but because the user has to be able to make changes I only advertised them as being for The Little Twins. In hindsight this was an error as these are fun and versatile poses for all Genesis 2 characters.
  • The Old Orphanage — A 3-room interior in the style of a vintage orphanage, including a full set of props to bring scenes to life. This was my first project that had dual Iray and 3Delight support, and was designed to be easy to light in Iray.
  • Humble Homestead in the Hills — An extensive landscape that creates a surround of 3d hills, with a traditional stone cottage nestling in the middle of the heathland. A huge amount of work went into making this look good from a distance as well as being useful for close-up scenes.
  • Build-a-Street: English Country Village — A charming old cobbled street with traditional stone houses. Lots of textural detail and some additional props brought this to life. This was my debut product at Daz3D.

My work is exclusively licensed to Daz3D, a respected marketplace that offers a fantastic refund guarantee and ongoing customer support. I am an individual artist who relies on the income from my projects. Please make it possible for me and the other artists there to keep creating quality content for people like you by only buying the genuine product direct from Daz3D.

My Early Steps in Model and Texture Work

The models and renders featured below represent some of my early experiments in Blender. They were created either from my own design or (further down) by following tutorials. I also contributed a few props for an upcoming short film Zombie Love Story.

I continue to use Blender along with MODO for mesh creation, with renders for my commercially-available products being produced with both 3Delight and Iray render engines inside Daz Studio Pro.

Some Early Creations


Umbrella model created in Blender

Food Stall Blender Model

Untextured Food Stall Model created in Blender

Piggy Bank Model

Piggy Bank Model created in Blender

Clothes Line in Blender

Clothesline Model created in Blender

Clothes Textures

Clothesline with Own Fabric Textures

Models and Renders from Blender Tutorials

Just a few of the many tutorial projects I’ve worked through on Blender Cookie and via other video tutorials.

Blender 3d Plane tutorial project

Toon Plane – Blender Hard Surface Modeling project (CG Cookie tutorial)

Blender Guitar Model

Electric Guitar Model created and rendered in Blender (CG Cookie tutorial project)

Cute 3D characters in Blender

Cute Elephant and Mouse characters created and rendered in Blender (CG Cookie tutorial project)

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