Cute Cubs and Is That Arnie? Day 6 Craziness

Awww, those new cubs out today by Alessandro AM are adorable with a capital A. Because Alessandro makes Look At My Hair, they are also wonderfully furry. With each one cuter than the next, it’s impossible to decide between them. Luckily you (and I) don’t have to! Get the bundle Bear Cubs by AM and you’ll get one each of the brown bear, black bear, panda, and polar bear cubs. If you have the strength to resist any of them, there’s also the option to buy them individually.

On the subject of cute, we can rely on 3djoji to keep us entertained with his new range for Toon Generations. The Little Aviators is a fun set of outfits that’s full of variety with its accessories and great textures. You’ll need a plane to go with them, of course, and he has thought of that too with The Steel Bird. This is a highly detailed aircraft that can be used for a whole range of scenes and even as a toy or display piece.

The Guardian for G2M is a killer of an outfit from Yura, possibly the new king of realistic clothing. Certainly a contender at any rate. It pairs leather with sunglasses and a weapon prop. For poses, you’ve got a choice today. For dynamic and wonderfully varied poses, look at Design Anvil’s Cat Burglar Poses for G2F, V6 and Keiko. This is a fluid and elegant set that will spark some new ideas. G2F is delightful with the Dishy Delight Poses 2, which has 20 poses including sitting, kneeling and lying.

Quick Links:
March Madness 2015 is the page you need to see daily items, associated PA sales and other items eligible for the 40%/50% discounts.
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for all other current promotions. Scroll down this post for current freebies and fast grab links.

The active promotions are:

  • March MadnessBuy 1 new release at 40% off; buy 2 new releases with 50% off. These can include selected non-new items and artist stores — there are too many to list and these will change daily so check the March Madness 2015 page for all details. Note: If you buy 2 or more items, you can also claim a free item (currently Foliage Pack 1) by ARTCollab.
  • Dreamlight Sale — Get an amazing 75% off (excludes new products) for a limited time.

New Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 3rd March

Artist New Release 40% Off Price 50% Off Price
Alessandro AM Bear Cubs by AM $17.97 $14.98
3djoji The Steel Bird $13.77 $11.48
Yura The Guardian for G2M $11.97 $9.98
Alessandro AM Panda Bear Cub $8.97 $7.48
Alessandro AM Black Bear Cub $8.97 $7.48
Alessandro AM Brown Bear Cub $8.97 $7.48
Alessandro AM Polar Bear Cub $8.97 $7.48
Nikisatez Dishy Delight Poses 2 for G2F $7.77 $6.48
Design Anvil DA Cat Burglar Poses $7.77 $6.48

Other Sales Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 3rd March

Flash Sales:

None right now.

View the Fast Grab deals:

Artist Product You Pay You Save
DAZ Originals Victoria 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
DAZ Originals Michael 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
DAZ Originals Gia 6 Pro Bundle $40.49 $94.47
DAZ Originals Giselle 6 $13.49 $31.47
Countess, Silver Alisra $5.39 $12.57
Countess, Silver Kronos $5.39 $12.57
Countess, Silver Paige $5.39 $12.57

Get the Weekly Freebies:

I’m seeing Decor Basics still available when logged in, but it’s not clear yet what the situation is on weekly freebies during March Madness.

Also find 12 older products being given away for a limited time:

  • Tera Poses For Hiro 5
  • Juggling Act for V4
  • Cocktail Dress for V4
  • CatSuit (dynamic)
  • Wands of Wonder
  • Just A Girl – Expressions for S4
  • Bad Boy M4 Unimesh Fits*
  • Fashionable Movie Dress Textures*
  • Astrid for Stephanie 4*
  • Serpentine*
  • Jolie Textures for Dianny*
  • Horlamin*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures or other add-ons that won’t work alone. The S4 character needs V4.2 morphs++ to achieve the correct shape.

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