Get Some Hat Hair and a Flirty Dress for G2F

Let’s see… today we have a new DAZ Original dress and shoes combo: the Vista Dress for G2F. Kind of a mix, this one. A sexy low-cut halter neck is teamed with a pretty skirt that leaves something to the imagination, and all finished with a sweet blue-and-white gingham texture. I like the fit and flare cut of the dress, not so keen on the plunging neckline, but that feature is probably going to be its selling point. If it’s a winner for you, then also look at the 2 add-on packs by Denki Gaka, Vista Dress Casuals and Formals. The Casuals pack has 6 bold and summery prints. Vista Dress Formals features lace and silky textures for party wear. The different colour options in this pack give you a wide range of choices.

Milkmaid for G2F is not for you if you want to recreate an actual milkmaid. It’s a Nikisatez creation that is short and flirty. While it’s not something I see myself using, I do like how this vendor caters to a wide range of tastes (the recent Voodoo dress was a fantastic purchase). If you, on the other hand, can find space for a cheeky Oktoberfest style outfit, then be sure to look at OziChick’s Milkmaid Dress Textures too. The fabric textures in this look real and there are 4 different colour combinations to give you more choice.

Just as an aside, I do occasionally buy skimpy outfits. The other day I picked up my first 3DLust creation, Heartbeat for G2F, and couldn’t be happier with it. Lots of kit-bashing possibilities with that one which I’ll share in a later post. However, I’m just not the target buyer for many of these outfits, especially the fantasy genre stuff. (The fact that there is so much of it is testament to how well it sells, so if you do enjoy it you’re in good company!)

Getting back to what’s new… Eloiny Hair PLUS for Victoria 4 and G2F is going to be popular, since this goldtassel hair includes that fantastic hat! Both hat and hair have lots of different options included. Skin Masters for Monique 6 and Darius 6 are also here, either bundled or separately. Impressive work as always by V3Digitimes. And Marshian is here for the second day running, this time with Mazedness for DAZ Studio. This set has not just modular maze props but also some fantastic ‘molten lava’ and ‘murky waters’ material options, along with ancient stone, moss and sleet shaders. Many hours of fun with this one.

Promotions going on right now:

  • March MadnessBuy 1 new release at 40% off; buy 2 new releases with 50% off. These can include selected non-new items and artist stores — there are too many to list and these will change daily so check the March Madness 2015 page for all details. Note: If you buy 2 or more items, you can also claim a free item (currently Katar Hero by Valandar).

New Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 12th March

Remember: if you are a PC+ member and an item is a DAZ Original (DO) you’ll save extra on these prices as your PC+ DAZ Originals discount applies on top. Those of you who bought the Monique 6 and Darius 6 Pro bundles will know that you’re getting additional discounts this month too.

Artist New Release 40% Off Price 50% Off Price
V3Digitimes Skin Masters for Monique 6 and Darius 6 Bundle $20.97 $17.48
V3Digitimes Skin Masters for Monique 6 $13.17 $10.98
V3Digitimes Skin Masters for Darius 6 $13.17 $10.98
Marshian Mazedness for DAZ Studio $13.17 $10.98
Bobbie25, Sarsa DO: Vista Dress For G2F $11.97 $9.98
goldtassel Eloiny Hair PLUS for Victoria 4 and G2F $11.37 $9.48
Nikisatez Milkmaid for G2F $11.37 $9.48
OziChick Milkmaid Dress Textures $7.17 $5.98
Denki Gaka Vista Dress Casuals $5.97 $4.98
Denki Gaka Vista Dress Formals $5.97 $4.98
Shox-Design ShoXoloR for Eloiny Hair $5.97 $4.98

Other Sales Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 12th March

Flash Sales:

None right now.

View the Fast Grab deals:

  • $8.09 Dark Raven Reloaded (MindVision G.D.S.)
  • $5.99 graphMate (GoFigure)
  • $5.99 Occultis Solaris (Orestes Graphics)
  • $5.99 The Skylus (Orestes Graphics)
  • $2.99 M4 Mannequin (MindVision G.D.S.)

Get the Weekly Freebies:

Even if you’re not shopping today, stop by and pick up Hoop it Up, a basket ball prop set by ARTCollab. PC+ members have until the end of the month to pick up the Sci Fi Outpost.

There’s a fairly new selection of 12 older products that you can get for free for a limited time, so take a look if you haven’t yet seen these.

  • Heracles for Genesis
  • DMR Alahna
  • Riae Outfit
  • Evening Gown2 V4
  • Cocktail Dress 2
  • QueenGown
  • Just Rings Cutey Skulls
  • The Raven Collar
  • Dream Stalker
  • Wicked Wear Seville Textures*
  • Textures for Celia Clothes*
  • Archer Textures*

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures for outfits, and won’t work unless you also own the matching outfit.

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