Deals for the Week 28th April – 4th May

May 4th: Monday brings a plant and flower sale to brighten up the week ahead, plus Sedor is celebrating his store birthday with a sale. Pick up some great poses and other bargains.

Weekend 2nd-3rd: 11 new releases on Sunday range from fantastic Foxes by Alessandro AM (they do look amazing) to flirty clothing and anime poses. I guess Chika by Liquid Rust will be the perfect Elsa for those of you who like a fusion of toon and realistic, and who didn’t find what you wanted in Callie.

May 1st: May is off to a merry start with MeriMay! Aave Nainen brings us this ultra-versatile dress packed with her convincing draping morphs for more realism in 3D clothing. 3 different add-on sets complement the base dress product, which costs a bargain $3 for a limited time only, and you can also buy from Aave’s store at a 60% discount. Also check out the One Man Band, a character, hair, clothing and instrument package from new vendor Didier, and get your Pierrette Clothing Textures by Shox-Design for AprilYSH’s beautiful sad clown.

April 30th: We end April with some more fantasy releases including a lovely fairy dell (Magic of Eldenpau) from the prolific talent that is ironman13 and the impressive Paladin HD MMXV for G2M from Luthbel. Also meet the beautiful Miss Ivy by OziChick. I think this artist’s characters have evolved to be ever more lovely, with realistic but attractive features. Miss Ivy might just be her best yet, and is definitely worth a look with or without SWAM’s fun Ivy Hair.

April 29th: A magical new release from V3Digitimes, Soldiers of Magic, has a stacking discount if you buy all 3 — pick them all up for under $21. Sirena is a mystical new character for Victoria 6, and you’ll be able to save on V6 and her bundles too if you buy this release and don’t yet own Vicky. Also snap up some new PC+ releases including an Edwardian Hair with fits for Genesis 2 and Genesis (thank you!), and a modern party look for the Corvidae Dress.

April 28th: I’m starting the week on a Tuesday because that’s the day the weekly freebie comes out. This week we’re getting an Abacus to help us keep track of our savings. This fun prop is by Thorne. Today also features more DAZ Studio tutorials from Dreamlight, and if you buy one you can claim an 85% discount on his store, plus 50% off various other tutorials.

Quick Links:
See the banners on the DAZ Store Homepage for the current promotions. Scroll down this post for current freebies and fast grab links.

Promotions This Week on DAZ3D: 28th April – 4th May

  • From May 4th:
    • May Flowers — 193 flower and plant themed models with 60% off. Today only.
    • Sedor Birthday Sale — 57 out of the 58 items in Sedor’s store have 60% off. Limited time.
  • From May 3rd:
    • Bring Out The Foxes — Buy 2 or more of Sunday’s new releases to get 40% discount on them, plus 50% off AlessandroAM, Liquid Rust, Muscleman, Shox-Design, Cute3D, outoftouch, ironman13, PandyGirl. Also get 8% off gift cards with purchase of one of the new releases.
  • From May 2nd:
    • Block Party — Buy or own Callie 6 or Cory 6 or their bundles and get 70% off the featured DAZ Original bundles plus 50% off Zev0, Stonemason, Dreamlight, ReallusionAnimation, RawArt, Predatron, SimonWM, Nikisatez, Sickleyield, Draagonstorm.
  • From May 1st:
    • Celebrate MeriMay — 90% off Aave’s MeriMay dress and 40% off One Man Band, plus 60% off Aave’s store.
  • From April 30th:
    • DAZavenger Sale — 47 superhero themed items on sale at 50% off with purchase of new release.
    • Paladins and Dryads — Buy 2 or more new releases to get 50% off the related PA stores (deviney, OziChick, SWAM, Orestes Graphics, ironman13, Luthbel, MindVision G.D.S.) and 8% off gift cards.
  • From April 29th:
    • You Can Do Magic — 50% off V3Digitimes (no purchase needed). Buy all 3 of the Soldiers of Magic releases to get an extra 40% off. Buy Sirena for V6 and get 70% off Victoria 6 (and her bundles). Wizard Travelling Gear is free with any new purchase.
  • From April 28th:
    • Learn Something New — Buy a new Dreamlight tutorial, get 85% off Dreamlight’s store plus 50% off 68 other tutorials for DAZ Studio, Bryce and Carrara.
  • From April 27th:
    • Cory and the Mermaid — If you own Callie (or her bundles) get 30% off Cory or his bundle, or the Mermaid bundle.
  • Now Ended:
    • Touch Ups — Buy one of the weekend’s new releases to get 50% off Monique 6 or Darius 6, 70% off Michael 6, and 55% off the stores of Raiya, Draagonstorm, Sickleyield, Dreamlight, deviney, Nathy, Fly028Design, GypsyAngel.
    • Toonapalooza — Get 70% off new Watersong Isle from Magix101, and with purchase of this or one of the day’s other new releases (The RoadStar, The Toon Bike, Malibu Outfit and Accessories) get 60% off the stores of 3djoji, Magix 101, and EmmaAndJordi.
    • Spring Savings — 3069 products for V4/M4 at 80% off, on Tuesday 28th April only. 284 of them are also for Genesis, and a further 68 support Genesis 2.
    • 80% Off Fast Grab — Get 80% off DAZ Originals in Fast Grab with purchase of a new release.
    • Morphtastic — 349 morph and character products with 30% savings on 1, 40% off 2, and 50% off 3 or more.
    • Sail Your Way Even Farther — Buy any of Friday’s new releases for a 70% discount on Lilith 6 and her starter and pro bundles, plus 50% off the stores of RajRaja and The AntFarm.
    • Sail Into Savings — Buy Thursday’s release of Naval Uniforms for a 70% discount on your choice of product from Slosh’s store (also buy the Shipwrecked add-on and you can get a second 70% discount) plus some related items have 50% off.

On Sale This Week on DAZ3D: 28th April – 4th May

Flash Sales and PA Store Sales:

    April 30th

  • Stonemason — 60% off with purchase of new release ($5 or over)
  • Design Anvil — 60% off with purchase of new release ($5 or over)

View the current Fast Grab deals:

4th – 5th May

Artist Product You Pay You Save
Posermatic NGM for V4 and V4 Basic Wear $8.39 $19.57
Posermatic NGM-NPM Bundle for Reby Sky $5.39 $12.57
3Dream, Mairy Marja Hair $3.59 $8.37
3Dream, Mairy Despoina Hair $3.59 $8.37
3Dream, Mairy Marielle Hair $3.59 $8.37

Weekend 2nd – 4th May

Artist Product You Pay You Save
Faveral Ancient Prophecies $10.49 $24.47
outoftouch M6 Intimates $5.99 $13.97
Liquid Rust Max for M4 $5.39 $12.57
outoftouch 12 Faces of Michael 6 $3.89 $9.07
IgnisSerpentus Hard Liquor for Regina Malorum Hair $3.29 $7.67
Liquid Rust Mimi for V4 $2.99 $6.97

30th April – 1st May

Artist Product You Pay You Save
the3dwizard Mystic Hollow $8.99 $20.97
the3dwizard JeanZ Skirt for Genesis and G2F $5.99 $13.97
Posermatic NGM-NPM Bundle for Reby Sky $5.39 $12.57
omnifreaker ReLight $4.19 $9.77
Posermatic NPM for Reby Sky $3.89 $9.07

29th – 30th

Artist Product You Pay You Save
MAB, WillDupre Faerie Mine $5.99 $13.97
-Esha- Florinda Dress $5.39 $12.57
OziChick Devine Outfit for G2F $5.39 $12.57
3Dream, Mairy Marja Hair $3.59 $8.37
3Dream, Mairy Despoina Hair $3.59 $8.37
Slide3D Relax and Fun for G $3.29 $7.67
-Esha- Cute Basics $2.99 $6.97

28th – 29th

Artist Product You Pay You Save
OziChick Mojito Dress for G2F $5.39 $12.57
OziChick Cosmopolitan Swimsuit for G2F $4.19 $9.77
Alessandro_AM, LMX3D RPC Volume 1: Fallen Trees, Ivy and Vines $3.89 $9.07
GhostofMacbeth Brute X Morph Expansion $3.89 $9.07
Tengu23 Dial-a-Girl Tokyo Edition $2.69 $6.27

27th – 28th

Artist Product You Pay You Save
the3dwizard Mystic Hollow $8.99 $20.97
the3dwizard JeanZ Skirt for Genesis and G2F $5.99 $13.97
Aave Nainen GirlfriendZ for G2F $5.99 $13.97
Pretty3D Hot Uniforms Maid $5.69 $13.27
Pretty3D Black Poison $5.39 $12.57
OziChick Cassie for V4 and Genesis $5.39 $12.57
OziChick Ariella for V4 and Genesis $5.39 $12.57
OziChick Rieka for V4 and Genesis $5.39 $12.57

Get This Week’s Free 3D Models:

Get this week’s free 3D model, an Abacus prop by Thorne. Remember to add it with a purchase if you are not in the Platinum Club to reduce the cost to zero. PC+ members have jsut a couple of days more to get petipet’s PC+ April model, Space Stones,.

Don’t miss the 12 older products which are available to everyone for free for a limited time. We’re still on a remix of previous selections so chances are you’ll own a good few of them. The City Bus Stop seems to be a perma-freebie that also shows up in this section.

  • Hip Retro Dress
  • Night Out for Nightlife V4*
  • Trail Blazer Textures*
  • Enchanted Textures*
  • Exotic Movie Dress Textures*
  • La Paz Textures*
  • More Deadly Edges
  • Reby Sky Magnet Fit*
  • The Iron Gate
  • Garden Escape Planters
  • Garden Escape Well
  • Garden Escape Arbor Gate

*NOTE: Check the required products for these items as they are textures for outfits, and won’t work unless you also own the matching outfit. The Reby Sky product will only be useful to you if you own Reby Sky.

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