Genesis 3 and Earlier 3D Human Figures

In my previous post I gave a quick run-down of the (non-technical) evolution of the Genesis line of 3D humans, as created and sold by Daz3D. These figures are models of humans, complete with photorealistic or toon skin materials, and fully rigged to pose in natural ways.

So, in my last post I explained the generation naming and numbering. At time of writing, we are somewhere near the middle (just a guess) of the production span of Genesis 3, which is the line of figures with a 7 after their names. This post was originally published after the release of Kalea 7 and a day before the launch of Kimo 7, but I’ve updated now for Rune and will add in other new figures as they release.

As a Daz vendor, I’m not able to give out any information that is not public knowledge, so I will only be mentioning released figures here.

For a graphical guide, you can now see a comparison of the realistic adult male 3D figures from Genesis 3. If I have time to do the same for all the female Genesis3 figures, I’ll add in a link for that too.

Note: The descriptions and pairings are those implied by bundle content and the character launch schedules but not everyone will agree with them. Think of them as a guide only. They have been listed in approximate order of release.

Genesis 3

Female Male Genesis 2 Counterpart? Genesis (1) Counterpart? Style Paired With
Victoria 7 Victoria 6 Victoria 5 Supermodel Michael7
Bethany 7 None Stephaine 5 Curvy Morph? Plus Size Model
Karen 7 None None Superhero Scott6
Eva 7 None None Model (European)
Teen Josie 7 Teen Josie 6 None Teen
Arabella 7 None None Gothic
Michael 7 Michael 6 Michael 5 Model Victoria7
Leo 7 None None Fantasy Hero Olympia7
Olympia 7 Olympia 6 Stephanie 5 Curvy Morph? Fantasy Heroine Leo7
The Girl 7 The Girl 6 The Girl 5 Sexy Toon The Guy7
The Guy 7 None None Sexy Toon The Girl7
Gianni 7 Gianni 6 None Fantasy Hero Gia7
Gia 7 Gia 6 None Fantasy Heroine Gianni7
Izabella 7 Giselle 6 None Fairy
Mei Lin 7 Mei Lin 6 None Asian Actress / Model Lee7
Lee 7 Lee 6 None Asian Actor / Martial Artist Mei Lin7
Kalea 7 None None Pacifc Island Beauty Kimo7
Kimo 7 None None Pacific Island Warrior Kalea7
Rune 7 None None Celtic/Viking? Warrior TBC

Who’s Missing?

I haven’t included any unreleased figures. In some cases I truly don’t know if an equivalent of a Genesis 2 figure will be created. So far there has not been a release of an Aiko 7, Stephanie 7, Lilith 7, any teen males or characters younger than Josie 7 (Genesis 2 had Belle and Brodie), and no direct equivalents for Monique 6 and Darius 6 (Kalea and Kimo have the darkest skin tones of DAZ Original releases to date, but PAs have created a wide range of other skin tones and ethnicities as add-on characters, e.g. Jazmine HD by Raiya, for Victoria 7).

Other Genesis 2 DAZ Originals currently without counterparts included Ysabeau 6, Ninive 6 and anime girl Keiko 6, plus toons Callie and Cory.

Genesis 2 / the ‘Six’ series of characters was also distinctive for its animal-based characters such as Minotaur 6 and Reptilian 6, and saw a new version of the DAZ Horse.

Genesis (1) / the ‘Five’ series of characters had Hiro 5 and David 5, neither of which appeared in Genesis 2 or 3.

Why Use 3D Human Figures?

For the benefit of those who have wandered in here wondering what figures like these are used for… Well, going back to the beginning, they evolved from artists’ reference mannequins. Think of them as sophisticated versions of those little wooden people on sticks that you find in art shops, or an alternative to reference photo books and life-drawing classes. In the early days, they were probably intended more to be copied, for example as references for creating comic book art (and that still happens).

These days, though, the 3D software and the figures have evolved to a point where many artists enjoy producing photorealistic or beautifully stylised art pieces by rendering the 3D models. Professionals in the movie or game industries also use them as a starting point or for concept art.

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