November Update from IndigoJanson

A river barge with props and a canal morph, by Indigo Janson and available only at Daz3D Hey everyone, well I’m still around, busy working on new projects for Daz3D. December will see at least one and hopefully two new releases from me via my IndigoJanson 3D store. I’d love to say more but I’m not allowed to let the cat out the bag ahead of time so will have to hold in my excitement.

Canal Country for TerraDome 3 released earlier this month. Wow, was that a project! Narrowboats look so simple, but it takes work to recreate that in a 3D mesh. I also learned some new tricks on texturing, without which this project probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day. It was kind of niche, so was going to have less general appeal than Road ‘n’ Rails (also for TerraDome 3). However, it found its way into quite a few customer libraries. Customers who buy at time of release are special to us PAs, they let us know our work is valued. So hugs and thanks to those of you who have ever bought from me on release day or shortly after.

I know for many of us, it’s hard to maintain that kind of buying habit, and necessity drives us to wishlist models while we wait for bigger discounts. It’s all good. I do it too, if it means the choice between showing some support for the PAs I love or going without.

Can You Create Commercial Content with Free Software? Sure You Can!

Narrowboat 3D model with new / old texture sets, plus houseboat props.

Another 3D model / prop set created in Blender and textured in GIMP.
  (Morphing terrain not shown)

Going back to Canal Country… The models for this one was all done in Blender, terrain morph and all, with the textures created in GIMP. So don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be a Daz PA without expensive software! Most of my work has been done with open-source tools. Don’t get me wrong, I’m willing to invest in my career, but have more than once bought software I didn’t get along with or have time to learn. I always seem to end up back in Blender, wondering why I ever thought the grass was greener elsewhere.

If you do want to get started using free software, which has the advantage of being 100% legal (so no dodgy downloads or guilt about ripping off other hard-working folks) and suitable for commercial use, Blender and GIMP are a great option. There are alternatives, which I suspect will have a more gentle learning curve for beginners. Personally, I haven’t spent enough time with them to sway me from my Blender-GIMP combo.

I’m planning a new series of posts so hope to chat again with you soon. In the meantime, I have a complex product to get ready as quickly as possible, so back to the grindstone!

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