Making 3D Models and Art

Exploring the World of 3D Model Making and Rendering

If you’re a digital artist on a budget, wanting to get more from your software and models, keep reading. I use Blender (free) and DAZ Studio (free) as my tools, alongside GIMP and Inkscape (yes, both free). When starting out I also used Hexagon ($20, often less) and know of many 3D vendors who wouldn’t be without it. Since going pro, I have added other paid-for/subscription software, but never underestimate what you can do legitimately at no-cost or low-cost.

While I enjoy creating content, I’m still a buyer too and know how great it is to get a bargain. While my focus is now on making models, if you want to see historic sale data and get a feel for discounts and sale events on a major 3D marketplace, the older posts will be an interesting read.

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