Who’s Who: The DAZ Original Figures Generations 1 – 6

These days more than ever, Daz3D has been launching new characters to a rapid release schedule. We are already on generation 7 (Genesis 3), and the later Genesis 6 characters such as Belle and Brodie 6, Lee 6, Mei Lin 6, Monique 6, Darius 6 and Scott 6 are missing from the graphic below. However, I have left it here as a mostly-complete guide to the earlier generations. Who knows, it might be useful to someone even now?

Understanding the DAZ3D Character Generations

From Victoria 1 to the girls and guys of generation 6, we’ve come a long way! While Victoria 4 and Michael 4 were popular for years (and remain so), we went from the ultra-versatile Genesis to a whole collection of gender-split Genesis 2 figures in just a few years. (The original Genesis unisex figure is now also referred to as Genesis 1.)

Yet, linking with the evolution of Victoria and Michael and various other recurring characters, each new version carries a number. So it is that we have Victoria 6 even though she belongs to Genesis 2 and needs the Genesis 2 Female mesh as her base (similarly, Michael 6 needs Genesis 2 Male). Brand new characters like Gianni or Olympia are built on Genesis 2 Male or Female, but despite being new they also have a 6 in their name to associate them with their generation.

All these different generations and their naming conventions confused me no end as a newbie. Just a glance at the forum questions is enough to see that it continues to confuse others who are trying out DAZ Studio for the first time. With that in mind, back in January 2014 I put together a chart of all the official DAZ Original figures that I knew of to date. It was updated later to include newer 2014 additions such as Stephanie 6, Gianni 6, Giselle 6 and Aiko 6.

NOTE: there are now so many DAZ Original figures that it soon became impossible to include them all. Check for all the latest figures with their release dates here.

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The DAZ Character Evolution: Generations 1 to 6

Another figure who can be used in DAZ Studio as well as in Poser is Dawn. She’s not on here as she’s not a DAZ Original but was developed by the Hivewire 3D team. The adorable toons such as Sadie, Sam, Kimberley, Konrad and Ecylpse (to name just a few) are also not created by DAZ but by 3DUniverse. There are many other characters in the store with unique morphs and textures who were created by independent artists or commissioned by DAZ3D.

Even the well-known anime girl Hitomi is not an official DAZ figure. However, all of these characters (not Dawn who is herself a unique base mesh) normally require an official DAZ mesh such as Genesis 2 Female, from which it will take its rigging, UV mapping and so on.

If that means little to nothing to you, the main thing is that when buying a character you check the requirements. They will tell you which base mesh (e.g. Victoria 4, Genesis, Genesis 2 Male) or DAZ Original morph (e.g. Teen Josie, Aiko 5) you need to own in order for it to work as intended.

Special thanks: The information on the earliest generations (1 to 3) came from a post by DAZ forum member Scott-Livingston — a very helpful and active member of the community and founder of the annual custom character contest.

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