February 2014 Sales on DAZ 3D: 10th – 16th

3d Model Sales and Offers: FebruaryReady for Valentine’s week with some hot and steamy offers on 3D characters and sets? Me too!

Monday mornings are exciting as you never know quite what’s going to be up for grabs. Today it’s taking longer than usual for DAZ3D to lift the curtain on the new promotions. Right now there’s more sci-fi in the air than there is romance. This will probably be your last chance to grab something in the V4 and M4 Sale as that looks set to finish today.

Well, after not much happening on Monday, we were greeted by the release of DAZ Studio 4.6.2 on Tuesday. This was accompanied by the release of some new utilities and tutorials, along with $10 off ‘select software and plugin purchases of $50 or more’. These included Carrara 8.5, Vue, FaceShop, and a variety of lower cost utilities (shaders, morph kits, hair simulation plug-ins, lighting and so on).

This week’s freebie also finally introduced a romantic, Valentine’s Day theme to the store. On Wednesday, Zev0 invited us to put on a party hat and enjoy a birthday discount at his store, while RingoMonfort did the same ‘just because’.

Thursday Update: Wow, today the Valentine’s Day sales have kicked in and all I can say is they were worth the wait. Not only a category sale of romantic-themed 3-d products, but some top quality content creators on sale at 60% off too. Aave Nainen makes gorgeous clothes (she’s something of a role model for me, having set the standard on how digital clothes can look), Slosh has emerged as an exciting and innovative vendor, and FWArt is creating some of the most interesting new characters around for both genders. Not to forget of course the originality of top vendor The AntFarm, the ever-popular hairstyles of Neftis3D, or the sultry, wide-eyed girls that have emerged on the scene from Artemis3D.

Never mind March Madness, this is a sale to make the most of! Make it your Valentine’s gift to yourself… even if like me you don’t care about the day itself. After all, you deserve it…

Quick Links
Take a look here for the current Fast Grab offers. It changes frequently, sometimes daily — weekend fast grabs are usually available Monday to Sunday though.
Make sure you also pick up the weekly 3d model for free (with purchase, if not in the Platinum Club). It should be the first item on the left, top row.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD
11th 17th Weekly Freebie Valentine ARTCollaborations Free*
14th 16th Fast Grab Freak Hero Pack DAZ 3D $44.99
14th 16th Fast Grab Royal Court Bundle ARTCollaborations, NeilV1 $14.99
14th 16th Fast Grab 14 MU Link Chamber Predatron $10.49
14th 16th Fast Grab The Central District Subway ForbiddenWhispers, FWDesign $7.79
14th 16th Fast Grab Road Roller Valandar $5.09
14th 16th Fast Grab Bulldozer Valandar $5.09
14th 16th Fast Grab Scissor Lift Valandar $3.59
13th 16th Category Sale: Valentines Stuff Various, including PC Items Various 60% Off
13th 16th Artist Valentines Sale Entire Store The AntFarm 60% Off
13th 16th Artist Valentines Sale Entire Store Artemis3d 60% Off
13th 16th Artist Valentines Sale Entire Store Slosh 60% Off
13th 16th Artist Valentines Sale Entire Store Aave Nainen 60% Off
13th 16th Artist Valentines Sale Entire Store Neftis3D 60% Off
13th 16th Artist Valentines Sale Entire Store FWArt 60% Off
13th 13th Fast Grab Percy for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49
13th 13th Fast Grab Troll for Genesis DAZ 3D $7.49
13th 13th Fast Grab Axes of Power Valandar $2.99
12th 14th Artist Birthday Sale Entire Store Zev0 40% Off
12th 14th Artist Store Sale Entire Store RingoMonfort 50% Off
12th 12th Fast Grab Haunt Starter Bundle Various $25.48
12th 12th Fast Grab Chainsaw Valandar $4.49
12th 12th Fast Grab Just A Girl (S4 Expressions) 3DCelebrity $2.99
11th 11th Discount Spend Over $50 Any $10 Off
11th 11th Fast Grab Hello Sailor Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49
11th 11th Fast Grab Accent Tables blondie9999 $4.49
10th 11th Fast Grab Supersuit Super Hero Content Bundle DAZ 3D $14.99
10th 11th Fast Grab Supersuit Sci-Fi Content Bundle DAZ 3D $14.99
10th 11th Fast Grab Supersuit Fantasy Content Bundle DAZ 3D $14.99
10th 11th Fast Grab DMR Totem Bundle Danie, marforno $14.99
10th 11th Fast Grab The Timeless Fairy Tale Bundle Various $14.99
10th 11th Fast Grab Fantasy Creature Bundle Various $14.99
10th 10th Fast Grab ArtemisX for Genesis ElorOnceDark, xenic101 $5.99
10th 10th Fast Grab Riley Xilia78 $5.09
10th 10th Fast Grab Mosquito Flyer Xilia78 $2.99
7th 11th Fast Grab Sirius Labs 3DLust $11.99
8th 10th Flash Sale Entire Store Xilia78 70% Off
8th 10th Flash Sale Entire Store XP Pointblank 70% Off
4th 10th Category Sale M4 and V4 Items Various 50% Off
4th 10th Weekly Freebie Elevator Hallway Imaginary_House Free*

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