New 3D Models and Sweet Deals: 15th May 2014

What's in Store on May 15thIf you keep an eye on what’s new in 3D figure releases, you’ll know that Giselle 6 hit the DAZ3D store yesterday. No surprises, then, that most new content is continuing the fairy and fantasy theme. However, also look out for some nice nature and plant-related releases that will add a realistic touch of green to any render.

New Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 15th

See all of today’s new items here. Scroll down for today’s sales.

Let me start with the growing things, because they have broad appeal and are a versatile addition to your 3D plant library. First up, we have veteran 3-d plant modeller Predatron (actually, Predatron is a pro at pretty much any type of model creation). He brings us Bay Willow Trees (in leafy and leafless versions for a beautiful winter silhouette) and Reeds and Rushes which is a plant prop set. I use Predatron plant props so often for the realism they add to natural scenes. I can see these being an essential if you don’t already have something similar from other sources.

Alessandro_AM has teamed up with LMX3D to bring us volume 1 of a Real Plants Collection. This one is Fallen Trees, Ivy and Vines. There’s even a tree stump and axe prop included. This set promises greater realism, perfect for close-ups.

Adding to the green theme, From Rajraja we have a Texture Resource pack of seamless tiles named GreenGrowth. There are 30 tiles in all, each featuring vegetation against rock or dirt.

Now I might not do much fairy art but I can’t help but like Dreamcatcher‘s Fairy Tree! This adorable tree set is a dream home for faeries and other wee folk. It’s small but wonderfully detailed, with mushroom/toadstool props, books and a candle and magnifying glass too. It even comes with 3 texture options to better blend in with your choice of woodland background.

New today for Giselle 6 are Lily and Tigerlily (separately or bundled) by Silver and DemonicaEvilius. Tigerlily is the head-turner of the two with a gorgeous feline look. Very striking, with or without her makeup, I’d pick this one up for her texture alone.

bring us EJ Brisa, a large-eyed G2F character. She has lots of options, some beautifully detailed fantasy makeup, and elven ears. Ideal for creating the fairy look without investing in Giselle6, I imagine.

For more poses for your nimble new fairy creatures, look to Sedor‘s Fairy Dance pose collection. These 16 poses all have a sense of motion. Nikisatez introduces Flora Sprite, which is a leaf dress for your forest folk. Wrapping it all up, we have some Outoftouch textures in Styles for Hooded Cloak.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 15th

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
13th 19th Weekly Freebie Deco Mirror Nathy Free* $15.95
7th 31st Monthly PC Freebie Robot Rem petipet Free* $16.95
15th 15th Fast Grab SilverMoon Hair SWAM $6.59 $15.36
15th 15th Fast Grab SilverMoon Colors SWAM $6.96 $15.36
15th 15th Fast Grab Stage Magician Props Valandar $2.39 $5.56
7th 15th Seize The Adventure New Releases Various Various Related Item Discounts
5th 15th Fast Grab Female Anatomy Bundle DAZ3D $29.99 $69.96
5th 15th Fast Grab Male Anatomy Bundle DAZ3D $29.99 $69.96

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