Daily Free 3d Models and Earn Discount for Aiko6: 20th May 2014

Freebie Flashback MoongateIt’s an exciting day today. Yes, you read it correctly… Aiko6 is on the way! I adore Aiko5 and can’t wait to see what her generation 6 version will look like. With the recent arrival of Giselle6 and of course Gianni6, I’ll do an update of my Who’s Who for you and post the link later.

But that’s not all… There are a couple of very nice promotions now happening at DAZ3D. First up is the Countdown 2 Summer, which will have new releases each day. Following the now familiar model of DAZ sales, you’ll get a ‘punch’ or reward point for each purchase from that day’s selection. (Impatient to see what they are? Scroll down to the table below.) See all the details of how rewards = money off Aiko and other goodies on the DAZ Promotions page.

If your budget can’t take another sale, have no fear. Low spenders and no-spenders alike can enjoy the daily freebie that DAZ is offering during a month-long Freebie Flashback. These aren’t new freebies but include many you could have missed, so be sure to check. For instance, today I was able to pick up Jack Tomalin‘s Moon Gate (pictured, with cat and skydome added), which I didn’t have. Each one will only be available for 24 hours.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 20th

By my reckoning, the weekly freebie has now been replaced by the daily freebie, but I’d assumed petipet’s Robot Rem was the PC freebie for the month. However, at the moment we seem to have switched back to older giveaways Resort Lagoon, If You Build It – Picket Hitch and the Easter Accessories. Until this is settled, I recommend clicking through to the DAZ freebies page to check for yourself.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
20th 20th Daily Freebie Moon Gate Jack Tomalin Free $16.95
20th 20th Daily Freebie Space Base petipet Free $16.95
20th Not Stated Discount Hexagon 2.5 DAZ3D $5 $14.95
20th 20th Discount with Moon Gate Freebie Store (not PC/Value Items) Jack Tomalin Various 50%
19th 20th Stonemason Multibuy Store (not PC/Value Items) Stonemason Various Up to 55%
17th 20th Retro and Pin-Up Purchase with new release Various Up to 45% Off 40-45%
17th 20th Fast Grab S3 and FREAK shapes for Genesis DAZ3D $5.99 $13.96
5th 20th Fast Grab Female Anatomy Bundle DAZ3D $29.99 $69.96
5th 20th Fast Grab Male Anatomy Bundle DAZ3D $29.99 $69.96

New Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 20th

  • Abandoned Factory by Aako. This is a grungy, post-apocalyptic style of set with what looks like some very realistic texturing and detail. The sky sphere is also included, and there’s a ready-to-render option. Individual props can be moved or hidden as needed.
  • There and Back Again: Exporting and Importing by winterbrose. Get all the info you need in this tutorial on moving your 3D models between different software packages, including Silo, Hexagon, Blender and Bryce. Could be very handy.
  • Jaunty for G2M by JoeQuick. I like JoeQuick’s outfits and this looks like a good addition to your Genesis 2 men’s wardrobe (or closet if you prefer). Includes shoes and I especially like the fedora hat with all its different options.
  • OOT Styles for Fighting Monk (G2M) by outoftouch. These clothing textures will give you 5 different options for your Fighting Monk outfit.
  • Fab Faces for G2F by 3DCelebrity. This makes it easy to give your free Genesis2 Female figure any one of 30 different faces. No more renders with the exact same girl that appears in everyone else’s work, or having clone-like women in a scene.

New Today on HiveWire 3D: Tuesday 20th

I mentioned the other day that I was keen to let you all know when there was something new at Hivewire 3D for us DAZ Studio users.

Well today I noticed Boy Faces for Jayden by SF-Design which is a DS-compatible release. These 26 facial expressions will work on your Genesis 2 males, but look their best on Teen Jayden 6. Plus Art_of_Mind brings us sequins galore in a Sequinned Glitter clothing textures pack for Dawn‘s strapless mini dress.

Head on over to Hivewire 3D to take a look at both of these.

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