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Tuesday brings exciting terrain releases for DAZ Studio, Poser and Bryce. Wander through an idyllic Autumn landscape with Flipmode’s latest in the Easy Environments series. Stop and see what you can spy lurking in Andrey Pestryakov’s Swamp. Bryce users are well catered for with David Brinnen and Horo’s High Resolution Terrains (set 3 in the series), which look amazing and make me want to learn this software. Plus meet another of Alessandro’s adorable ‘critters’, this time The Giant Anteater.

With all these, a plant pack and some fun environments to choose from, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the increased saving of 40% off when you buy any two. Add a third product to your cart and you’ll be eligible for an 8% saving on gift cards too.

The Summer of Freebies today brings you a sci-fi themed giveaway: the H4 Hovertank. Because the models in the promotion are completely free, I believe you can check out with them without having any payment details on file, so it’s a great way to dip your toe in these 3d waters if you are new to the hobby. We also have a new weekly freebie (link below).

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Fast Grab still hasn’t updated to anything new, sorry. If it does, then the link will always show you what’s currently available regardless of the time/date this post was published.
This week’s free 3d model is the Arcane Wands prop set by Valandar. To share in the magic, simply stop by the Freebies Page and add it to your cart.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 12th

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie UFO petipet Free for PC $16.95
12th 18th Weekly Freebie Arcane Wands KRAIG Free* $12.95
12th 12th Daily Freebie H4 Hovertank Valandar Free $8.95
7th 12th Free G2 Base Figure Selected Genesis 2 Figures DAZ3D 1 Free with $50 spend $39.95
6th 12th Freebie Toon Fighter Hornet Valandar Free $9.95
6th 12th Freebie Robot Rem petipet Free $16.95
6th 12th Freebie Alien Module Nathy Free $12.95
6th 12th Freebie Slime Beast Valandar Free $7.95
6th 12th Freebie Rock Demon midnight stories Free $11.95
6th 12th Freebie Big Time Tools Valandar Free $10.95
6th 12th Freebie Cinco de Lime-o DAZ3D Free $2.99
6th 12th Freebie Tech Staves Valandar Free $11.95
6th 12th Freebie Diner Food 3 blondie9999 Free $14.95
6th 12th Freebie Boots for Genesis Ravenhair Free $16.95
6th 12th Freebie Air Bike petipet Free $16.95
6th 12th Freebie Unicycle Bob petipet Free $16.95
6th 12th Freebie Steam Truck Red Bizon petipet Free $16.95
6th 12th Fast Grab Age of Warriors: Celt 1 Betomelo $7.49 $17.46
6th 12th Fast Grab Age of Warriors: Celt 2 Betomelo $7.49 $17.46
31st 12th Fast Grab Heracles for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49 $17.46
31st 12th Fast Grab Percy for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49 $17.46
29th July 12th Fast Grab Sexy Stinger Mystique- $3.59 $8.36
21st Jul 12th Aug Category Sale 765 Victoria4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
21st Jul 12th Aug Category Sale 243 Michael4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)

On Sale This Week on HiveWire 3D

Remember, the 1 Year Anniversary Sale at Hivewire 3D means a 30% off discount on everything in the people category. The discount starts to look more like 50% as soon as you apply your reward points.

It’s a perfect time to get those morphs and characters to go with your free Dawn figure.

New Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 12th

  • Bryce 7.1 Pro High Resolution Terrains – Set 3 by David Brinnen and Horo. Create impressive landscapes with this terrain package. It includes 21 scene files, 2 HDR sky dome light probes, a materials library, an objects library, a stack of illustrated documentation, and 13 videos.
  • Dragonstone Fortress Lookout Towers by Nightshift3D. A Medieval setting for fantasy and historical renders. Perfectly sized for dragon figures to land on, while staying in proportion for human figures too. It includes a pool plus some nice details and those wonderful curving staircases. It also has an eye-catching rust-coloured texture and includes the sky dome too.
  • Easy Environments: Autumn by Flipmode. Wander down a country lane in Autumn and enjoy the fall foliage of the trees. This rural scene has an amazing rocky backdrop with an impressive sky.
  • Nature – Swamp by Andrey Pestryakov. You’ll need to own Andrey’s Lake to use this add-on pack, which will transform it into a realistic swamp. Beautifully detailed, it looks just the thing for wildlife renders as well as story-telling with human figures.
  • Mountain Villa by ImagineX. An ideal home, this villa has 2 floors with large windows on each side to take in the beautiful view. Look inside to discover a glass staircase.
  • Summer TreeHouse Cottage ImagineX. A rustic hideaway that includes a fitted kitchen and furniture so that you can move right in.
  • Bamboo Megapack by -esha-. If those Asian renders or adventure scenes could use some atmosphere, or you just fancy adding a potted bamboo to a backyard, -esha- has all you need in this handy pack.
  • Giant Anteater by Alessandro_AM. A nice price for a fantastic, fun model of an anteater. Fully rigged and with 13 poses. Naturally, he has a LAMH fur preset for extra realism, and will work in Carrara as well as in DS and Poser. Adorable!

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