Fantasy Heroines Rule On Day 7 of PC Sale

Fantasy women in skimpy clothing… not really my thing but in the run up to Halloween these are going to be more popular than ever. The good news is that most of today’s selection are DAZ Originals, which means a full 66% discount if you are in the PC+ version of Platinum Club. There’s also a PC-priced release that looks fun if you can’t spend much.

Currently, if you buy a new release you’ll also be able to buy from a selection of generation 4 releases (some of these can be made to work on newer generations) with a huge 80% discount. Load up your cart, but make sure they are in there with a new release or the discounts won’t apply. You’ll have to ‘view cart’ with the blue button to see the discounted total.

As I mentioned, today’s new items focus on dangerous women in revealing outfits. There is the Airisu Outfit for G2F by 3D-GHDesign, with a texture pack by Sarsa, and the Hagane Outfit for G2F by Nikisatez, with additional textures again by Sarsa. None of these will break the bank so if you do like this kind of outfit your only decision will be ‘one or both’?

The Alessa Hair by DAZ3D is a romantic long hairstyle with tumbling waves. The ‘big hair’ option and sweep of hair at the front bring it right up to date for contemporary renders. It fits both G2F and V4, and you’ll get a choice of 8 hair shades with it. For 40 more textures, get Mane Concern: Allessa Hair. Or if you prefer Silver’s texture packs for hair, why not get Vibrant Allessa Colors which has 70 options in all, both solid and ‘ombre’ blends.

Who will model all these new things? How about Nitara? She is a new Countess and Silver beauty designed for Lilith 6, with gorgeous fantasy eyes and optional feminine body tattoos. Her sultry looks will make her versatile for a variety of characters, from Caucasian to paler-skinned Asian.

Finally, grab a bargain courtesy of FeralFey with the Creepy Poses for Creature Creator Genesis 2. These include 20 poses for G2M and 25 for G2F. Use them with the base figures, or get the full effect with the Creature Creator shapes morphed in.

See the 2014 PC Anniversary page for all new offers.

Day 7 New Releases

*NOTE: The discount on the asterisked (*) products is a bonus discount that lasts for day of release and the following day only. Buy quick if you want these products at the best price and you’re in the PC+.

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
3D-GHDesign DO: Airisu Outfit for G2F $12.57 $7.54 $6.03*
Nikisatez DO: Hagane Outfit for G2F $11.87 $7.12 $5.70*
Countess, Silver DO: Nitara $11.87 $7.12 $5.70*
DAZ3D DO: Allessa Hair $11.87 $7.12 $5.70*
Silver Vibrant Allessa Colors $6.97 $6.97 $5.57*
DAZ3D DO: Mane Concern: Allessa Hair $8.37 $5.02 $4.02*
Sarsa DO: Airisu Outfit Textures $8.37 $5.02 $4.02*
Sarsa DO: Hagane Outfit Textures $8.37 $5.02 $4.02*
DAZ3D PC: Creepy Poses for Creature Creator Genesis 2 $10.47 $1.40* $1.67*

Day 6 New Releases: Last Day for any Bonus PC+ Discounts on PA/DO Products

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
Alessandro_AM Winterland $17.47 $17.47 $13.97*
Alessandro_AM Log Cabin $12.57 $12.57 $10.05*
Alessandro_AM Winterland Trees $11.87 $11.87 $9.49*
Alessandro_AM Caribou by AM $10.47 $10.47 $8.37*
gypsyangel Gyspy’s Nail Art for G2F Merchant Resource $10.47 $10.47 $8.37*
Winterbrose The Beginner’s Guide: Surfaces and Colors for DAZ Studio $6.97 $6.97 $5.57*
PC Team PC Crazy Deal 2 – Carnival 2 $58.80 $2.99 $2.99

Current Category Sales


  • Lilith 6 Back on Intro Pricing
  • New selection of V4/M4 80% discounted items
    Started on Oct 20th

  • Cold is Coming Sale (Up to 58% Off)
    Started on Oct 19th:

  • DAZ Original Hair 58% Off this Weekend (30% if not in PC).
    Started on Oct 16th:

  • Select V4 and M4 Items 80% Off: Buy a PC sale new release and you can get 80% off any of the 323 V4/M4 sale items as long as you add them to your cart at the same time as making your PC purchase.
  • 99 cent Winter Holiday Sale: 50 Christmas and snowy PC items at 99 cents. (60% Off usual price for non-members.)
  • 99 cent Sensibility and Expansions: Updated versions of the popular V4 Regency dress and accessories. (60% Off usual price for non-members.)
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