About Indigo

English Country Village Street

Build A Street: English Country Village by Indigo Janson – my debut model for Daz 3D

I’m a creative spirit who in the final days of 2012 stumbled across the wonderful world of 3D art. Since then, creating 3D models has grown from a hobby into an all-consuming passion, with my models commercially-available since early 2015.

3D and Me

Having started out using DAZ Studio 4.6 and Hexagon 2.5, at the end of 2013 I began getting to know the powerful, open-source Blender. I continue to use Blender to this day for most of my commercial modelling. In 2015 I also spent some time with ZBrush, and in 2016 experimented with MODO and 3DCoat. This continues to be a journey of exploration, with always something new to learn.

At the beginning of 2015 I achieved brokered artist status with Daz3D, the worldwide marketplace for digital artists looking for top quality models and resources. Every product has to be approved and pass a rigorous QA process. You can view my portfolio of brokered 3D content and earlier projects here.

What You’ll Find Here

The main focus of this site has been on 3D art, although I also enjoy other visual arts (this actually began as a photography blog!)

3D can quickly become an expensive hobby (and an even more expensive freelance career), but I’ve always been about ‘doing more with less’ by making the most of open-source, free and affordable options. For a long time I posted daily deal updates to share limited-time discounts and giveaways, making budgets stretch a little further. For various reasons I decided to stop these during 2015 but you’ll find over a year’s worth of deals before then.

These days I’m kept busy with creating 3D and 2D designs, but do occasionally add new posts when I have a rare spare moment.

I’ve also shared here some face painting tutorials which have proved popular over the years for parties and Halloween!

My Background

For the past 5 years or so I’ve worked as a professional freelance writer as well as publishing my own content and designs. My photography, computer graphics and text designs have sold to customers worldwide and have received some heart-warming reviews.

My favourite? I have many but it’s hard to beat “My daughter was in (happy) tears”, along with “a tearful surprise and a very welcomed gift” and “Everybody who has seen it now wants one too.” I’m always thrilled that someone liked my work enough to buy it for their home or to give to a loved one.

One of my proudest moments in 2014 was being chosen as the Grand Prize winner by a panel of judges in the SongBird Remix Open Rendering Season 2014 digital bird art contest. I love working with Ken Gillilands’ beautiful bird models and it was a real confidence boost to place in this 3D art competition. Ken currently sells his birds and other models via Hivewire3D and they are well worth adding to your collection.

Songbird Remix Annual Contest 2014 Jindi Entry

My 2014 Entry (as ‘Jindi’) into the SBRM Bird Art Contest

I was equally proud in early 2015 to be accepted as a Published Artist for Daz3D and look forward to creating many more 3D products for the store. Daz3D has some very talented artists and I fulfilled a dream by joining their number. My small store there is growing steadily, and with every project I continue to grow and improve as an artist.

As a versatile writer, I have successfully completed projects ranging from snappy taglines and page introductions, to ghost-written blog posts and even book-length digital content. I have a Master’s degree in Digital Education and several years experience in marketing for the web. However, nothing beats writing about what you love, which is why this site has always been fun for me. I hope you enjoy it too.

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