Victoria 8… and What Happened to Genesis 4?

As the gorgeous Victoria 8 is launched today at Daz3D, this quick post explains the leap from Genesis 3 to 8.

Understanding the Past: Vicky’s Family Tree

In my Who’s Who: Understanding the Genesis Line Up of 3D Figures post I added to my original 2014 post which had included an infographic. A lot of people found that diagram helpful, but sadly it went out of date very quickly!

Anyhow, the post above takes you up to Genesis 3, the series of figures whose names ended in a 7. This was a result of them being the seventh generation. Most people have heard of the iconic Victoria 4 and Michael 4, who themselves replaced earlier Victorias and Michaels. So each new generation continued that progression. We had V5, M5 and friends. Then came V6 and M6 and their generation 6 buddies. Most recently, we’ve seen a large family of 7 series 3D models joining Victoria and … Continue reading

November Update from IndigoJanson

A river barge with props and a canal morph, by Indigo Janson and available only at Daz3D Hey everyone, well I’m still around, busy working on new projects for Daz3D. December will see at least one and hopefully two new releases from me via my IndigoJanson 3D store. I’d love to say more but I’m not allowed to let the cat out the bag ahead of time so will have to hold in my excitement.

Canal Country for TerraDome 3 released earlier this month. Wow, was that a project! Narrowboats look so simple, but it takes work to recreate that in a 3D mesh. I also learned some new tricks on texturing, without which this project probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day. It was kind of niche, so was going to have less general appeal … Continue reading

PA Sale 2016 — Don’t Miss It!

If you are new to 3D art, you might be wondering what the PA Sale (this year it’s called The Premier Artist Festival 2016) is. What’s so special about it, when there are sales on year round?

Well, it’s not your everyday sale, that’s for sure. This is when you can make some great savings on just about every item in the whole store. Almost all the Daz3D vendors will be involved. Each day, a selection of PAs (that’s us 3D artists who sell via Daz) will release some fantastic new products. These will have a 40% off, right out the gate. Buy 2 and you’ll get 50% off. That’s a bigger discount than you’ll get on brand new PA items at any other time.

The qualifying items are those that are new on the day you shop, plus the 2 previous days (“still new” releases). So you’ll always have plenty to choose from. There … Continue reading

Learn to Make Your Own Unity5 Game

The Unity 5 game engine has one huge advantage for beginner game developers. It can be downloaded for free. If you start making a whole load of money (currently over $100K), you’ll need to pay of course. But make a little, even quite a lot, or make nothing from it and you can create games without any charge. All legal and covered in the EULA.

Is Unity 5 easy to learn? Well, that depends on your definition of easy. Like anything, you’ll need to work at it. There are some great tutorials out there that can help you get to grips with the basics, and then skill up further. Like any software, it has its quirks and is not something you can aim to master. Rather, go into it with the goal of learning what you need to know, a step at a time.

It’s likely you’ll need to do some coding along the way … Continue reading

Genesis3 Female Figures: Let Her Inspire You

It took a little more time to put together comparison renders of the Genesis 3 series of realistic female 3D models than it did the males (view Michael 7 and his brothers here). There are so many more of them! Rune 7 was added just a couple of days ago so at least I was able to include her.

The Realistic Female DAZ Original Models

Comparison of Generation7 3D Women

There are 12 female models here (possibly more if I’ve updated this post after publication), representing the realistic and semi-realistic spectrum of DAZ Original women and girls. You’ll see I’ve included Izabella 7, who is clearly a fantasy character. However, her figure and skin materials work well for real-world characters, and her ‘other-worldliness’ is from the neck up, so she’s a versatile figure who crosses … Continue reading

Creating 2D Games using Your 3D Model Library

Maybe you’re an aspiring game-maker who needs low-cost or free game assets? On the other hand, like many of us, you might already be a digital art enthusiast who has collected more 3D content that you want to admit to, done a lot of renders, and is now wondering what next?

Either way, you should take a serious look at creating fun games using your DAZ Studio assets in combination with a free game creator like Construct2.

To be clear on that word ‘free’, Construct2 can be downloaded free-of-charge for personal use via Steam or direct from This no-cost version has everything you need to get started, with very few limitations compared to the fully-featured edition. If you want to start using it commercially, you’ll need to get the licence, which for individuals making less than $5000/year on their games is a very reasonable £79 (visit Steam for the current price in your country’s currency).

Continue reading

Choose Your Hero: The Genesis3 Men Compared

The other day I shared an outline comparison of the Genesis 3 male line-up from December 2015 to May 2016. Well, all except The Guy 7, since the focus was on realistic ready-to-use 3D males.

Today I’m sharing some portraits of the generation 7 males (so far). This time you can also compare their skin tones and materials, as the lighting is the same for each portrait and there is no postwork. I haven’t included the base male, since he doesn’t have Iray materials.

Comparison of Generation7 3D Men

One small point of difference: Gianni, Lee and Kimo were rendered using Iray in DAZ Studio Pro 4.9 (if you don’t have it, you can pick it up for free on the official Daz site). Michael and Leo were also rendered with Iray, but … Continue reading

Meet Haley, Plus Discover More for Mei Lin and a Paris Street

With so much new content hitting the Daz store each week I’d have a hard time these days keep up with all the deals! Today is special, because I was so impressed with the new releases, coming as they do at the end of a week of good discounts and offers, and the Kimo 7 release. Not only is there new content for Mei Lin 7 but a 3D Universe character and an appealing new environment too. I suspect pay day can’t come quick enough for many of us now!

Haley — the All American Teen with the Big Smile

Haley is a 3D Universe girl, a fresh-faced American teen looking for all the world like a young Britney Spears. She’s slightly toony to fit in the rest of the 3D Universe line of youngsters, but totally gorgeous with it. Angel wings or not (she has some in her promo), I can see Haley flying off the … Continue reading

The Genesis 3 (Realistic) Males

The Genesis 3 Men: Michael, Lee, Kimo, Gianni, Leo, and free base male

Here’s the promised graphic of the male figure morphs from Genesis 3, minus The Guy 7 who as a toon doesn’t fit well into this line-up. It was a bit of a squeeze to fit them all on and the text is tiny. If you struggle to read it, the figures are as follows: Genesis 3 Male (white outline), Michael 7 (blue), Lee 7 (red), Kimo 7 (orange), Gianni 7 (purple), Leo 7 (green).

Kimo 7 was released a couple of days before this was made, so no males since that release have been included. For an Iray render comparison of the Generation 7 men, see my newer post: Choose Your Hero: Genesis 3 Men Compared.

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Kimo 7: Breaking Out the Box

Kimo 7 from Daz 3DIt’s been a long time since I felt inspired to write a post for a new DAZ Original character… And that’s not a slur on previous characters. Several of them, Kalea 7 included, have been amazing.

Kimo 7, as the male half of this partnership, does the Polynesian beauty justice. With his Pacific Islander features and stockily muscular physique he breaks out of the bounds of conventional releases but still has plenty to offer to those who need a fantasy warrior or hero. No need for a band of clones to fight evil (or good) in your renders, Kimo’s darker skin and distinctive features are a reminder that a whole lot of people on this planet are not white magazine-cover models.

Making him even more versatile, Kimo has a collection of impressive add-on … Continue reading