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Face Painting Step by Step Tutorials — For Halloween, Parties and Beyond

Halloween Party Makeup for Kids: SkeletonLooking for fun face painting ideas? That’s just what you’ll find here. I’ve archived the most popular fantasy makeup tutorials over from my old Face Paint Heaven website for you to enjoy.

I’ve got everything from scary Halloween faces to the prettiest fairy makeup, and some seriously cool sugar skull face painting examples for Day of The Dead.

So if you are stuck for Halloween makeup ideas or need some party face paint for another special occasion, or just want to keep the kids amused for an hour or two, take a look.

PLEASE NOTE: These tutorials were put together by me for use on my own websites only. The images were created just for IndigoJanson.com, while the tutorials were previously featured on my face paint website. Neither are to be reused elsewhere in any way. I welcome a simple text link to this site as a resource, but please do not scrape the content.

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Professional face painting supplies from Snazaroo

How to Choose your Face Painting Supplies

Whether you want to learn how to face paint and try your first designs or are an intermediate face painter looking to take your skills to the next level, you will need to get your hands on some face painting supplies.

Of course, before you part with any hard-earned cash, it pays to ask yourself a few honest questions. For example, how serious are you about face painting? There is no wrong answer, but your response should guide your choices in buying supplies. After all, if you just want to have a go, there is no need to invest in an enormous face painting kit. On the other hand, if you know you love face painting and always have willing kids, teens or adults asking you to paint designs for them, it makes sense to buy a kit that will keep you going. And if you are turning this from a hobby into a profession, a large set of face painting supplies can be cheaper when bought in a set than as individual items.

Essential Face Paint Starter Kit

It is a rare face painting design that does not ask you to use both a high density foam sponge and a proper face painting brush. If you are brand new to this wonderful hobby, you can improvise. You will get better results however from using the proper tools of the trade, particularly where the brushes are concerned.

Snazaroo face painting brushesface painting spongesface paint sponge pack

You can currently buy the Snazaroo 3 brush set for under 4 dollars (US) on Amazon.com. The pair of round red high density foam sponges are available at the moment for under 5 dollars. Face painting sponge sets cost a little more, but you can get several sponges in a pack. The blue sponges from Snazaroo above have 6 in the pack and have a clever tapered shape that you will find helps you with different painting techniques.

Face Paint Supplies for Beginners

face painting kit for kids - girl
Snazaroo Face Paint Kit – Girls
face painting kit for kids - boy
Face Painting Kit – Boys

For only a little over 10 dollars you can get hold of a face painting kit with 8 colors, a brush, sponge, and a face painting design booklet with step by step instructions. This is perfect for having a go at your first few designs and is also an ideal face painting kit for kids to play with themselves. All Snazaroo face paints are safe, non toxic and hypo-allergenic.

More choices for beginners and kids:
Sparkle face paint kit
Snazaroo 8 Color Sparkle Face Paint Pallet
Rainbow Face Painting for Kids Kit
8 Color Rainbow Face Painting Kit

Face Paint Supplies for Intermediate Face Painters

Snazaroo Intermediate face painting kit
Snazaroo 18 Color Face Painting Wheel

Are you ready to step up your skills? This doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. Just make sure you have a wide enough variety of colors in your palette to tackle those wonderful new designs that you would like to try. The 18 color walk around wheel from Snazaroo is affordable (currently 44 dollars but look out for offers) and contains the 16 most popular Snazaroo face paint colors in 2ml sizes PLUS black and white in long lasting 30ml sizes. Snazarool say that this kit has enough paint for an amazing 412 faces… and that’s full face! This kit also gets great reviews from parents on Amazon.com.

Face Paint Supplies for Face Painting Enthusiasts / Entry-Level Professionals

Snazaroo Professional Walk Around Face Painting Supplies
Snazaroo Professional Walk Around Face Painting Kit with Refills, Glitters and Applicators

With the above Snazaroo kit you get not only colors but all the face painting supplies you could need to launch you in your face painter career… or to make you a hit with your children and all of their friends! Contains the same paint colors and sizes as the walk around face painting palette, plus 2 sets of refills (excludes black and white) AND 4 gorgeous glitter gels, 3 high density foam face painting sponges (one is a stipple sponge), and the top 6 professional face painting brushes from the Snazaroo range. This one should cover 412 full faces as a minimum!

Professional face painting supplies from Snazaroo
Snazaroo Pro 54 Color Palette

If you want just the face paint colors, then this is the kit for you. A beautiful range of colors form this 54 color palette, with the 6 most used colors in large 30ml sizes, and the other 48 in the 2ml size. Click through to Amazon to see a listing of the full range of colors. There is enough here for an impressive 1,300 full face designs. This one gets a 5 star review from a professional face painter on Amazon.com.

Face Paint Supplies for Professionals

Professional face painting kit
Snazaroo Professional 30 Color Kit H with Face Paint Stamps

Here’s one reason why this site is called Face Paint Heaven! This Snazaroo professional face painting kit comes in its own sturdy plastic storage and carrying case. It contains (take a deep breath!) 30 colors of face paint, silver and gold glitter gels, 8 colorful petal shaped high density face painting sponges, 5 different professional face painting brushes. PLUS you get 2 Snazaroo books (each 56 pages) with unique face painting designs and techniques, AND face painting stamps themed for girls and boys with black ink pad for coloring in with your face paints.

Snazaroo Pro Face Painting Kit

This professional face painting kit includes jumbo size face paints (16 colors of 18ml each) and has enough for 1,600 full faces. Includes 3 face painting design books of 56 pages each and a DVD: “Five Minute Faces”. Also comes with 5 face painting brushes, tapered sponges, 2 stipple sponges, glitter gels in silver, gold, red and blue, and the lockable plastic storage / carrying case. Has received 5 stars from the Amazon purchaser who left a review.

Face Paint Instruction and Design Books

While there is a lot of free information on both Face Paint Heaven and other websites, a face painting book can be a worthwhile investment.

With a good quality book, you will have a whole range of face painting ideas ready to try out on kids, clients or of course on yourself. You often get additional information too on face painting tips, tricks and techniques.

How useful your face painting book will be depends on whether the designs are well-suited to your level of experience. A beginner might struggle with one book and fly through another, while a professional will find a book for the face painting novice uninspiring.

Here we will take a look at some of the most popular and highly-rated face painting books currently on the market.

The Usborne Book of Face Painting

The Usborne Book of Face Painting

The Usborne Book of Face Painting is a top choice for face painting beginners and for children.

The book contains a range of examples with instructions, plus an introduction to face painting techniques.

Designs in this book include:

  • Vampire
  • Doll
  • Clown
  • Butterfly
  • Rabbit
  • Owl

Plus Big Cats, Reptiles, and any more!

Klutz Face Painting

Klutz face painting kit

If you have kids, you will already know and love the name Klutz. Their range of quality activity books for kids cover all kinds of creative ideas. No surprises then that this face painting book with 6 paints from the trusted Wolfe Brothers brand is so highly rated by parents and professionals alike.

Be sure to visit Amazon.com to read some of the rave reviews that the Klutz Face Painting kit has received.

It includes both cheek art and full face designs with easy-to-follow instructions. The paints are bright, stay put and can be easily blended to create other shades. It also has a helpful spiral binding so that you can easily lay it open to copy the pictures.

Silly Farm Face Painting

Silly Farm are one of the most respected names in the business and have a range of fantastic books that keen face painters will want to check out.

These include:

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