Avatar Face Painting: Fun Fantasy Makeup

Avatar Face Painting: Fun Fantasy Makeup

Neytiri Style Make Up

No matter whether you are face painting for boys or girls, this makeup inspired by the movie Avatar is going to be popular! Girls and women will love to be the beautiful and brave heroine Neytiri but boys can be one of the young male Na’vi warriors.

The Avatar makeup here is that of Neytiri but can be adapted for boys.

An Avatar face painting is mostly blue paint or makeup. You will need a pale blue and a darker blue, and also a pink and some white for details.

Not all face painting designs work well on a digital example. If the images here don’t look like the Avatar makeup effect you want to achieve, I do recommend watching the video from jaimekara (below) where you can watch as she applies the Neytiri face paint on herself.

pale blue face paintroyal blue face paintpale pink face paintwhite face paint
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Neytiri Avatar Face Painting Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Using a high density face painting sponge apply pale blue face paint to the entire face, up to the hairline and down the neck onto any exposed area of the upper chest.

Step 2: Using the dark blue face paint, sponge on around edges of face, along the brow bone and down the nose, and onto the chin. Blend in well.

Step 3: Use your dark blue paint on a face painting brush to paint Neytiri’s eyebrows. Also cover the eyelids and wing the eye shading out to the sides. As the Na’Vi have wide apart eyes (much more than humans) you can add some dark paint to the inner corner of the eyes to help create this illusion.

Starting your Neytiri Style Face

Neytiri Avatar Face Painting Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Still using your darker blue face paint on your brush, begin painting on the stripes. You may find it helpful to begin in the center of the forehead and work your way out, and once the forehead is painted add the cheek stripes. They should be thicker at the outer edges. Blending with a sponge will help you to create a more natural effect.

Step 5: With the brush, paint the lips with pale pink face paint. Also add a downward curved pink area to the tip of the nose. Blend both of these in a little. Outline the lips with dark blue paint on a fine brush.

Step 6: With white face paint on a brush, add dots to Neytiri’s forehead, beneath the eyes and alongside the nose, down the nose itself, and on the chin.

Step by Step Fantasy Face Makeup tutorial

Find a Na’Vi Avatar Costume

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Neytiri (Avatar) Face Painting Example by jaimekara

Some of the other videos out there bring you as close as possible to the movie look, but take a lot of work so are only for more experienced artists. If you are more of a beginner or painting your own face, stick with an easier version like this one for now.

Want more cool face painting ideas for kids and teens? Come see what else we’ve got!

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