A Batman Mask is a Popular Face Painting for Kids

A Batman Mask is a Popular Face Painting for Kids

Face painting a Batman logo

Since we have a face painting example here for The Joker from Batman, I thought we should also have Batman himself. He is a popular superhero especially with little boys.

Different face painters have done variations on the Batman design, and you can play around with this one too. Start with the basic bat face paint and add any color or details that you or the child would like.

In terms of color and technique it is a simple face painting, but if you want to create this one for a client or in a busy venue it makes sense to practise painting the outline of the bat shape first.

I’ve given you a couple of options to begin with. If you are creating the bat as part of a scene, as in the video further down, applying the black paint close to the eyes will make the illusion more effective. But with younger kids it is sometimes best to leave an unpainted area around their eyes. This works well with the Batman design as it will look as though the painting itself is a mask — and since Batman also wears a mask that is OK with his young fans.

This is the simplest design yet as far as colors go. You can create it with only black paint. If you like the Bat Signal look you also need yellow. (Got a Bat Girl? Pink also makes a great background for this one!) To do something similar to the video with the bat against the night sky, you will need to have blue and white face paints to hand.

black face paintyellow face paint
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Batman Face Painting: Basic Bat Mask Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: This is just a brief guide — the images are going to help more than words. Begin by using your black face paint and a face painting brush to create a bat body and head. The bat ‘body’ is simply a downward pointing triangle from bridge to tip of nose. The head is a ball shape with a tall, thin triangle at each side for ears. A long curve at each side of the face will form the outer edge of the bat.

Step 2: Join each curve to top and bottom of bat body. On the upper wings you are drawing a shallow ‘w’ shape (OK, this is a little different from the official Batman logo so you can try it without the extra point if you prefer). On the lower wings it is smiliar to an ‘m’ shape but angled up towards the nose.

Step 3: That’s the tricky part done. Now simply fill in with black paint and a brush, leaving an area free of paint around the eyes if desired.

Bat Makeup Example

Batman Face Painting: Bat Signal Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: So how about that Bat Signal? It is much the same, but to create the oval shape you need to paint a smaller bat. Start by using a high density face painting sponge to apply yellow face paint in an oval shape over the upper part of the face.

Step 2: Use a face painting brush to paint on the bat body, head, and the outer wings.

Step 3: Complete the wing shape by joining the outer curve to the bat body with a ‘w’ on the upper edge and a ‘m’ shape on the lower edge. Fill in the bats wings with black paint. If you have a steady hand and like the effect, you could outline the oval of the Bat Signal with a black line.

Use Yellow and Black face paint for Batman mask

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Batman Face Painting Video by Yusufis08


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