Cat Face Paint is a Favorite Kids Face Design

Cat Face Paint is a Favorite Kids Face Design

Halloween Kitty and Girls Party Face

Another popular face painting idea, a cat face is ideal for Halloween but also cute for kids all year round. Little girls love a kitty with some glitter and a touch of color. This versatile design can also be made more grown up be putting the emphasis on those gorgeous cat eyes and leaving off some of the other detail.

Today, though, I’m going to show you a cat face painting example that is perfect for children. This one is inspired by the designs of some of my favorite professional face painters and further down I’ll share a couple of links to their videos for you to see how they do it from start to finish.

A cat face paint design can be whatever you want it to be. I’ve seen people who create beautiful and quite realistic looks in the style of the musical CATS, although these clearly take a lot of practice! Or you can become a cat simply by painting on a little cat nose and mouth, and by creating elongated eyes with an eyeliner.

The step by step face painting example here is somewhere between those two extremes. I’ve followed the lead of the face painters out there who include the cat’s ears to create a mask effect which is a fun look for little ones. You can decide how much color to add. As you can see, I used only white, dark pink and black, and some glitter for that magical sparkle.

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Simple Cat Face Paint Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Using a high density face painting sponge, apply white face paint lightly, extending above eyebrows in pointed cat ears. Apply more thickly over nose, eye area, and muzzle area (upper lip).

Step 2: With sponge, add pink face paint just to the ear triangles.

Step 3: Now add some pink face glitter (or whatever face and body glitter you have) to the ear triangles. You can also add pink, silver or your own choice of face glitter to the cheeks to give this cat face some real sparkle. Don’t miss this step if creating this cute kitty face on a little girl!

White Kitty Face Paint on Child

Simple Cat Face Paint Steps 1 – 3

Step 4: Time to outline that cat face paint with some black face paint on a brush. I’ve suggested below one way in which you can do this, inspired by the Kitty designs of Michiganfacepainterz. This is my own interpretation so I suggest you watch the video below, both to see how they do it and to pick up the proper technique for those beautiful tapered brush strokes.

Step 5: It all comes together as soon as you add that cute kitty nose! This can be a simple v shape on the tip of the nose with a line from nose to mouth. Paint the top lip, thicker in the center.

Step 6: I noticed that some of the professional face painters don’t do too much work around the eyes because they work on small kids, and children and eye makeup are not the best combination. If you are painting on a little one, you will probably want to do likewise and add only the lower lip paint (I used pink with some glitter over the top). However, I love the look of cat eyes, so have included this as an optional step. Cats have large eyes in relation to their head size, and that means it is OK to keep the lines a little distance from your model’s own eyes. I’ve added one right above the upper eyelid and another beneath the eye, with an additional line on each side at the top of the nose.

Paint Your Own Sweet Kitty Face

As mentioned, Michiganfacepainterz was one inspiration for this cat face paint idea. A couple of other cute kitty cat face painting examples are also linked to below.

Now for your Kitty Cat Costume!

cat costume

cat costumecat costumecat costume

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Cat Face Painting Design by Michiganfacepainterz

Hold on a second kittycat… we’ve got even more cute face painting ideas for girls and boys.

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