Corpse Bride Face Painting Tutorial

Corpse Bride Face Painting Tutorial

Dead Bride Face Paint

Here’s a cute Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride makeup look just in time for Halloween! This face painting example is quite involved but the results are worth it.

The Corpse Bride is a lovely Halloween costume and makeup idea for women and teens as well as for younger girls. She is just the right combination of prettiness and creepiness for those of us who want to look cute but still enter into the spirit of a horrible Halloween.

My face painting example below is mostly a combination of a couple of Corpse Bride makeup tutorial videos. I’ll share those further down. Some of the Corpse Bride face paint tutorials put a lot of effort into creating authentic cheek detail to match the Tim Burton Corpse Bride. That is fine if you have a steady hand and plenty of time to spare, and you can see an example in the first makeup video. But for newer face painters and those of you creating this on a not-too-patient friend or child, I recommend keeping it simple. In my face painting instructions I’ve used a similar detail to the one from the child Corpse Bride video instead.

The good news is you don’t need many paints for this look. I like a pale blue face paint for the base, but others have used white. A darker blue is essential for the shading and detail, plus you will need black. Pink face paint will be useful but you can use regular makeup for the lips and blush if you prefer.

pale blue face paintroyal blue face paintpale pink face paintwhite face paintblack face paint
18ML PALE BLUE Snazaroo Classic Face Paint
18ML ROYAL BLUE Snazaroo Classic Face Paint
18ML LIGHT PINK Snazaroo Classic Face Paint
18ML WHITE Snazaroo Classic Face Paint
18ML BLACK Snazaroo Classic Face Paint

Corpse Bride Face Painting Instructions Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Begin by applying the pale blue face paint to face using a high density face painting sponge. Leave an area of skin at the edges of face clear of paint.

Step 2: Using your darker blue face paint, sponge into eye socket area and over eyelids. Still with the dark blue, add shading all around the edge of the face. Blend into the pale blue paint a little.

Step 3: Using your black face paint on a fairly fine face painting brush create the eyebrows. These need to be higher than your own eyebrows. Use white face paint to create a pale area under the eye. This helps make your eyes look larger, as the Corpse Bride has very big eyes.

Dead Girl Blue Makeup Tutorial

Corpse Bride Face Painting Instructions Steps 4 – 6

Step 5: Now underneath that pale area you need to paint on a lash line. Add some lashes. They can be large as this is a doll-like look. To balance them out, women and teens can add false lashes to the upper eyelid too. For a child you can paint some lashes on above the eye.

Step 5: Using your choice of bright pink face paint or lipstick, add lip color. This model was already wearing some so you won’t see much of a change, but you can go more vibrant than this if you like. Add some pink blush to the cheek.

Step 6: Finally, create the cheek ‘wound’ detail if you like. I followed the example in the Woolworths video below. To be truer to the original Corpse Bride, you can create a smaller patch with teeth as in the first video.

Tim Burton Style Bride Makeup

Add a Corpse Bride Wig and Bouquet from

Corpse Bride wigCorpse Bride bouquet

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Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Face Painting Design by danalajeunesse

Corpse Bride Girl’s Face Paint by WoolworthsUK

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