How to do Cute Ghost Makeup for Girls and Women

How to do Cute Ghost Makeup for Girls and Women

How to be a Cute Girl's Ghost

So, you want to be a cute Halloween ghost? Well, this ghost makeup tutorial will help you to be the hottest ghost in town!

Just like with our cute Zombie girl makeup, there is no reason why a ghost can’t be cute. Kids look adorable with white faces but it isn’t exactly the most imaginative of Halloween face painting designs. After all, older kids and adults don’t want their friends to say, “Well, you didn’t try very hard”.

With this ghost face paint, that is not going to happen. This is the perfect ghost make up for teen girls and for women, which gives you a spooky but sophisticated look. Yes, not only will you look like a ghost, but you will look gorgeous at the same time. Problem solved!

If anyone looking for a ghost face painting for guys is reading, stay with me. Take a look at the below step by step ghost makeup tutorial (tip: if talking to your son, call it “ghost face paint” and not “makeup”!) and you will see that if you stop short of adding lipstick, mascara and eyebrow pencil you will have a ghost design that is great for guys. As with all these Halloween face painting tutorials, the key is to adapt the example to suit yourself.

This ghost makeup is also a good basis for a vampiress design (but be more subtle with the white face paint). It is a little different to the dead Zombie girl, however, in that a ghost will have a stark white (or ashen, depending on your skin tone) face and a corpse has a more solid look (think greenish rotten flesh…. lovely!). With a Corpse Bride or Zombie, you want to emphasize the shape of the skull beneath. With a ghost, you can aim for a much flatter look for the face, drawing attention to those gorgeous eyes of yours.

You can create this cute ghost girl look with face paint or with regular make up, or a combination of both.

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Cute Ghost Makeup Tutorial Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Using a high density face painting sponge, apply white face paint to your entire face. I recommend you do use face paint rather than white powder makeup as you want to get complete coverage to look like a ghost. This look doesn’t work unless you can get a strong contrast to your own skin tone.

Step 2: Use your rust brown face paint or a rust colored eyeshadow to create circles around the eyes. You are not filling the entire eye-socket (as you would for a skull face painting), just creating a deep-set look. Keep the edges smudged, no harsh lines. Then add a thicker coat of the rust color to your eyelids and also right beneath the eyes.

Step 3: It may be a little difficult to see the difference in the step-by-step ghost face painting pictures, but in this step you use your dark brown face paint on the eyelids and beneath the eyes to define them even more. Just apply as you would regular eyeshadow. If using face paints, use a face painting brush. Guys can stop here and finish the look by adding some spooky white hair spray.

Girly Ghost Face Paint tutorial

Cute Ghost Makeup Tutorial Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Girls, still with me? OK, good. For a sophisticated ghost lady, you need to redefine your eyebrows. Just use a regular eyebrow pencil for this to keep them looking natural. Create whatever brow shape looks good on you.

Step 5: Now take a black eyeliner (or black face paint on a fine brush) and apply to lash line. You want beautiful smoky eyes so apply fairly thickly and smudge it for a less harsh line.

Step 6: Finally, use a red-brown lipstick or your rust face paint to apply glamorous lipstick. For a historic style ghost, paint the lips smaller than you normally would. Finish by adding white hair spray or a wig.

Feminine Halloween Makeup for a Ghost

Gorgeous Glamorous Ghost Costumes

Silver Ghost Costume Women

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