How to be a Cute Dead Zombie Girl

How to be a Cute Dead Zombie Girl

Cute Dead Zombie Face Paint

OK, so here’s a dilemma girls of all ages can identify with. You want to be a zombie this Halloween (or you are going to a Zombie Prom) and need to look scary and, well, dead. But you still want to look cute! Is it possible to have a cute dead zombie girl look? Find out with this female zombie face painting example!

Although this one is aimed at girls and women, there is no reason why the guys (of all ages) can’t use this zombie face painting as the basis for a Halloween look either.

If you are male, or if you are painting this on a boy, you will probably want more gore. Go for it! Add some wounds and lots of fake blood. Wear less eye makeup and make the eyebrows bushy or leave them off. You can easily adapt this zombie face paint for a more masculine (and more horrible) result.

Girls, if you want to look cute you don’t overdo it with the blood and goriness. So I present here a zombie face painting design that appears quite simple. It will give you that dead look without turning you into a monster. There are just 6 steps and some of these are optional, so use the ones that give you the look that YOU want.

To create the appearance of dead flesh, you will need a few colors of face paint that you might not normally use. Think earthy colors for this look. You can improvise with makeup but for best results use professional face paints.

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Cute Female Zombie Face Painting Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Using a high density face painting sponge apply white face paint to the entire face. Now lightly sponge on the pale green face paint on top of the white paint, applying more heavily to the eye socket area, particularly under the eyes.

Step 2: Sponge on the rust brown face paint around the edges of the face and blend in for contouring. Blend it down from cheekbones towards the chin. If you don’t have a rust shade, use brown or you could lightly apply black face paint instead. Create a line with the rust brown face paint from the inner corner of eyebrow and down along the sides of the nose. Blend outwards.

Step 3: Sponge on the rust brown face paint in the eye socket area. Other girl zombie face painting tutorials I have seen have used purple and pink for a slightly less realistic but more feminine effect. You could try that if you prefer. If using the rust brown, just apply lightly so that the green still shows through.

Girly Zombie makeup tutorial

Cute Female Zombie Face Painting Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Some other zombie girl face painting designs have left the lips covered in the base white face paint, but that can make your teeth look yellow. Besides, if you want to be a cute dead girl, there is no harm in a bit of lip color! Use the rust brown or whatever color you used on the eyes to outline the lips, then blend inwards. A reddish tone also works well if brown doesn’t flatter you. Don’t apply it too perfectly though. If you are creating this zombie face paint on a male, you might want to stop here and add your own gory touches. Girls and women can continue to the next step.

Step 5: Time to make your eyes really pop! Add plenty of black face paint or eyeliner around the entire eye. Smudge it about a bit. When did you last see a perfectly groomed zombie girl? Optionally, with your black face paint, now draw on dramatic black eyebrows.

Step 6: The finishing touch — with red face paint add a dribble of blood from the corner of the mouth (a dot of white face paint adds a highlight to it) or simply squirt on some fake blood.

Step by Step Female Zombie Face Paint

Costumes for a Dead Zombie Girl of Any Age!

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Cute Female Zombie Face Painting Design by SarahVictor

Here’s a Cute Dead Zombie Girl by SarahVictor which uses pink for the eyes and includes some black cracks in the skin.

Before you join the ranks of the Undead, how about seeing some other cool Halloween makeup tutorials for girls and women?

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