Day of the Dead Face Painting: Sugar Skull (Simple)

Day of the Dead Face Painting: Sugar Skull (Simple)

Simple Day of the Dead Face Makeup

Do you celebrate Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) as well as Halloween? Or maybe instead of? Are you looking for a face painting idea to celebrate the occasion?

The Sugar Skull is a fun part of Day of the Dead and makes for an awesome face painting design. There are some complex and beautiful designs out there but, to get started, here is a simple (but cute) Day of the Dead face paint example. It’s great for kids who just want something fun and don’t have the patience to wait while you create a masterpiece! There’s a more advanced Sugar Skull face art makeup tutorial on this site too, for those who are ready for it.

This Sugar Skull face painting can be achieved with just 3 colors of paint: white, black, and your choice of a brighter color for the flower petal effect around the eye sockets. In this face painting example I have used pink as it creates a nice contrast with the black and white.

black and white Snazaroo face paintbright pink face paint
Large 18ml Snazaroo Face Painting Compacts Colors: 1 BLACK and 1 WHITE
BRIGHT PINK face paint

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Face Paint Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Using a high density face painting sponge, apply white face paint to the entire face.

Step 2: Now sponge on black face paint to create the eye socket effect. Remember, eye sockets are like squares with rounded corners. Don’t make them like circles or you will look more like a spotty dog than a skull!

Step 3: Using a face painting brush, paint a triangle with black face paint on the tip of your nose. Again, this looks better with slightly rounded corners rather than harsh points.

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Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Face Paint Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Using a fine brush or a black face paint crayon, create a petal effect all around the eye sockets. This can be a little tricky but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 5: Now create the skull mouth by extending the lip line out on each side with a black line. Add vertical lines over the lips plus a couple more further out on the painted lip line.

Step 6: Using pink face paint or your own choice of color (in the video below she uses green), color in the petals. And there you have it, your sugar skull face paint! If you like, you can now add some heart and flower shapes, or try drawing the traditional cobweb on the forehead with a fine brush or black eye pencil to finish this off.

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Simple Sugar Skull Dead Day Face Painting Video by jessietheemochick

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