A Devil Face Painting Example for your Inner Demon

A Devil Face Painting Example for your Inner Demon

Halloween Demon Face Paint

Go on, be a devil! This demon is a fun face painting idea for Halloween or any time you want to let your wicked side out. After all, if you are going to reveal your naughty side what could be more perfect than devil face makeup and of course a costume to go with it (got your pitchfork at the ready?).

The devil face painting is a great excuse to be dramatic with your paints with the intense red and black combination. I can just imagine this one with some yellow Devil-themed contact lenses.

Another advantage of devil face paint is that it is suitable for all the family. In fact many adults love to dress up as devils and she-devils (and not only at Halloween!). You might turn some heads but there is nothing childish about devil faint paint on a grown up. As for kids, well, just try keeping them away from this one! Seems there’s an inner demon in us all…

I’ve kept my devil face painting example fairly simple and kid-friendly. There’s no complicated brushwork, though if you are a confident painter you can go ahead and embellish it with your own details. As you will see in the face painting video, the design that I based this on was done on a kid and looks awesome on her.

As far as color goes, then, all you need is red, black and white. As always, glitter adds the finishing touch. Red will look best but gold glitter would also work well.

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Fun Devil Face Painting Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: First of all, use a high density face painting sponge to apply red face paint, avoiding taking it too far above the eyebrows (you need to leave some room for devil horns, unless you have a pair with your costume, in which case you can take the face paint higher and leave the horns out of the face painting design).

Step 2: Use black face paint on a face painting brush, or a black face paint crayon, to draw on the horns. They curve in towards each other. You can copy the shape from the image or the video further down.

Step 3: Start to add your shading with the black face paint on the sponge, and blend in. You want to shade the edges of the face, the sides of the nose, and also to add a dark area over the eyelid and sweep out in a wing shape.

Red Demon Makeup Example

Fun Devil Face Painting Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: In this step you continue the shading and contouring, blending as you go. Add a dark area right beneath the lower eyelid. The lips can also be painted black and I extended them out and down to the sides. Paint on flared nostrils by outlining a little outside the natural nostril shape, and add black paint inside these nostril lines.

Step 5: With white face paint on a brush, fill in the devil’s horns.

Step 6: Take a good look at your face painting so far and decide if you need some additional shadows and detail added with black face paint. I liked the subtle dark forehead curves that you can see in the video by Linzicat below. I also added the ‘creases’ above the mouth and from the outer corners of the eyes. You might also want to increase the shadow under the eyes and around the mouth. You can paint on a black devil beard if you like with a brush. Add some shading too to the devil horns, and of course dab on some face glitter to complete this devilish look!

Steps to Finish Your Satan Face Paint

So, are you going to be a Devil?

Now the entire family can be devils with these wicked costumes!

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Devil Face Painting Design by Linzicat

This is the Devil face paint video that inspired my design. I decided not to include the fangs but I think they do look wonderful on the young lady here so you might want to add them in.

Other Devil Face Painting Examples

This is a fantastic demon design from MarvelousMasks. It is quite a bit more detailed than the one above and requires more skill with a brush, but if you are up to the challenge have a go! Otherwise you can always simply watch it for inspiration.

Demon Face Painting Tutorial by MarvelousMasks

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