Easy Dracula Face Paint Tutorial

Easy Dracula Face Paint Tutorial

Child with Vampire MakeupVampires are so popular right now… but there’s nothing new in that. Long before Twilight people were (and still are) fascinated by Count Dracula. The Dracula face paint is a little more dramatic than the teen vampires on our screens today, but it is a look that works wonderfully at Halloween when drama is exactly what is needed!

This Dracula face paint design has all the elements of the classic Count Dracula of the silver screen, with a widow’s peak ‘hairstyle’, arched eyebrows and menacing features.

The vampire face painting example below can be created with just 3 colors of face paint: black, white and red. If you have fake blood or want to make some as a fun Halloween activity, you could use this instead for the dribbling blood. And of course you can use a set of theatrical fangs instead of painting them on.

black and white face paintred face paint
2 Large 18ml Snazaroo Face Painting Compacts Colors: 1 BLACK and 1 WHITE
Snazaroo 18ml Bright Red Face Paint Refill
fake bloodvampire fangs
Gel Blood 1oz
Vampire Fangs by Scarecrow

Count Dracula Face Paint Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Lightly apply white face paint to entire face using the Snazaroo high density sponge or a similar sponge. This vampire face paint does not need to be applied as thickly as the skeleton face painting.

Step 2: Very lightly add black face paint to areas to be shaded: hollows of eye sockets, beneath the cheek bones, and the temples. Also lightly paint on (or use edge of sponge) and blend in lines from nose down to outer corners of mouth.

Step 3: Apply red face paint to upper and lower eyelids.

Easy Vampire Face Painting

Count Dracula Face Paint Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Paint on thick black eyebrows with a face painting brush. I like a triangular shape, but you can also just do the upward sweep for an even longer, more dramatic brow. Also use your black face paint to create a triangle right beneath the hairline for the classic Dracula widow’s peak. This works best with dark hair or a vampire wig, of course.

Step 5: Paint the upper lip black. On lower lip create 2 downward pointing triangles, one at each side, for the vampire fangs. (Leave out this step if using plastic vampire fangs or theatrical quality vampire fangs.) Paint a thin lower lip, avoiding the fangs.

Step 6: Use white face paint to fill in the fangs. With red face paint, create drips of blood running down from the fangs and add a little to the fang points. Dot on some white highlights on the red drips for a more realistic effect. Or use fake blood if you prefer.

Dracula Face Paint Design for Kids

Dracula Costumes to Die For!

Womens Vampire Costume
Girl Bride of Dracula VampiressChild Dracula Vampire

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