Easy Skeleton Face Painting Step by Step

Easy Skeleton Face Painting Step by Step

Easy Skull Makeup for Kids

I bet you will see at least one skeleton going out and about in only their bones this Halloween! I’ve seen skeleton costumes for kids, adults, babies and even the dog!

Dogs and babies can get away with just a costume, but the rest of us look so much scarier with a skeleton face painting to finish the illusion. Otherwise the bony effect might look great but you will spoil it with your head (no offence!). And since you are looking for face painting examples, I’m pretty certain that you don’t want to wear a mask.

In any case, it doesn’t get much easier than skull face paint. You can create the skeleton face illusion with just 2 colors of face paint. That’s right, white and black.

If you are looking for face paints for kids, I always recommend Snazaroo. And no, they didn’t pay me to say that. However, their face paints receive great reviews from parents and are non-toxic and easy to wash off little faces, which seems like reason enough.

2 Large 18ml Snazaroo Face Painting Compacts Colors: 1 BLACK and 1 WHITE

OK, so let’s do a skull face paint, step by step. This is an easy version and is perfect for kids or just if you are a face painting beginner. We’ll do a more advanced skull face paint later on.

Easy Skeleton Face Painting Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Using a sponge, apply white paint to the face, covering the mouth but leaving the eye area clear.

Step 2: Use the sponge to add black face paint to the eye area in a rounded rectangle shape (i.e. following the natural hollow of the eye socket).

Step 3: With a brush and black face paint, add two teardrop shapes to center of nose.

Skeleton Face Tutorial

Easy Skeleton Face Painting Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Lightly dab on black face paint to the temples and blend in. Do the same beneath the cheek bones. This creates that hollow look.

Step 5: Use a fine brush to paint on the teeth. These are formed of straight lines joined on top with curves (top teeth). Lower teeth are the same but a little smaller and joined on the bottom edge with the curves. You can also create a thin black dividing line where the lips meet to make this look even more like a skeleton mouth.

Step 6: Add some highlights with white face paint on a brush. These can be added around the top and sides of the eye socket edge, on the cheekbones and in between the teardrop shapes on the nose.

Tutorial for Halloween Faces

This skull face paint design was inspired by a skeleton face painting instruction video by Karina for VideoJug. It is a very clear and well-explained face paint tutorial so I recommend you take a look if you are new to face painting and thinking about creating a scary skull face on yourself or someone else this Halloween.

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