Easy Witch Face Paint Step by Step

Easy Witch Face Paint Step by Step

A Witch Face Painting Design

An all-time favorite Halloween face painting design is of course the Wicked Witch. Most of us have worn this fun disguise at one time or another.

There are many different options for a Halloween witch face painting design, all the way from the traditional green-faced, hag-like witch to a very glamorous and seductive witch. After all, witches have magical powers and in stories they often transformed themselves into captivating beauties to try to distract the hero. A glamorous witch is still a witch, though, and there is normally some tell-tale sign. A little too much make-up, or garish colors. A witch is never subtle. Later on, I’ll be looking at ways of creating this more grown-up and elegant wicked witch look.

For now, here’s a tutorial featuring an easy witch face paint idea that is perfect for kids. The traditional green face is eye-catching and screams “witch” so even if you are not yet sure of your face painting skills you can quickly transform a child (or yourself) into this recognizable Halloween character.

Don’t worry about being behind the times either. The green-faced witch, made so popular by the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, has been brought right up to date in the much-loved musical Wicked that features this same witch, Elphaba, in her younger years. The best bit about an Elphaba Halloween look is that you need only the green face paint, some eye make-up and of course the black hat and dress. You don’t need to try to make yourself ugly — Elphaba was rather glamorous as you can see from the picture!

Elphaba -- Wicked Witch Face Paint

Julia Murney as Elphaba (source: Wikimedia Commons)

In the below step-by-step face painting for a Wicked Witch, I’ve gone a bit further and have added wrinkles and moles so that kids can really have fun with it. If you don’t want to do that, just add the eye make-up instead.

To create this look you need 2 shades of green face paint, black face paint, and (optional) some glitter, preferably in green.
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Easy Witch Face Painting Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Apply green face paint with a sponge to entire face. With little ones you might want to avoid going too close to the eyes.

Step 2: With the darker shade of green, add shading around the sides of the face, over the forehead, down the nose and around the eyes. Blend in.

Step 3: With black face paint on a brush, paint on thick eyebrows. For a young Elphaba, the inner part of the eyebrow is thick but has a graceful taper towards the outer edge. Margaret Hamilton as the original Wicked Witch of the West had thicker, curved eyebrows plus very pointed features and a wart on her chin. I guess the years weren’t so kind to Elphaba.

Green Witch Face Paint

Easy Witch Face Painting Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Decide what color lips your witch will have. I like to paint them with the black face paint. In pictures I’ve seen of Elphaba they are darker than her face with a hint of natural color showing (I’d call them a pinkish-gray, what do you think?). The original Wicked Witch of the West simply had green lips that matched her face.

Step 5: An optional step for those who want a haggard witch. With a fine brush or eyeliner, add wrinkles to the forehead and crowsfeet to the outer eyes. Draw on moles wherever you want them. Create a sharp wtich’s nose with a couple of straight vertical lines on the sides of the nose. For a more subtle effect simply blend in these lines.

Step 6: Time to add the fun detail to your witch face paint. Depending on the age of your model, add some eye makeup. Dark green eyeshadow can be added to upper eyelids and blended out in ‘wings’, plus a little smudged below the eyes. A tween or teen can have some black mascara too. If you are creating the witch face painting on yourself, another option is to add false eyelashes. Finally, a little glitter is always fun, especially at Halloween!

Halloween Makeup Tutorial Images

So there you have it — fun and easy witch face paint!

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