Tinkerbell Green Fairy Face Painting is So Pretty

Tinkerbell Green Fairy Face Painting is So Pretty

Faerie or Butterfly Face Paint Design

This Tinkerbell or Green Fairy face painting design is such a pretty look. Besides, fairies are always popular as they are not only great for Halloween but an ideal party makeup look for girls all year round.

This face painting example is one that was shared on YouTube by a German-speaking face paint supplier. I noticed that although people loved this gorgeous fairy design, some were frustrated by the fact that the written prompts were only given in German. Here is my version of the design with the step-by-step face painting instructions in English. Credit for the painting itself is fully with Eulenspiegel and you will of course find their original video below. It is essential viewing to create this look.

The fairy face painting video is titled Tinka Bella — that’s the famous Peter Pan fairy Tinkerbell to you and me! The colors of this face paint do make it perfect for a Tinkerbell outfit and little girls will love it.

That said, it would also be ideal for a Green Fairy such as the Absinthe Fairy of vintage posters who more recently appeared on our screens in Moulin Rouge, played by Kylie Minogue. A wood nymph would also look wonderful with this makeup.

If you change the base color it becomes even more versatile as the fairy face painting design itself will work with any type of fairy. Match the face paint shade to your (or the child’s) dress to be a flower fairy, winter fairy or anything you can imagine.

This 8 step face painting example is a little trickier than some of the others here on Face Paint Heaven. Take your time, watch the video a few times, and just take it as far as you want to. There is no need to include every last detail if you are happy with how it is looking several steps in.

The good news is you don’t need a whole lot of face paint, just 2 shades of green, white, and some glitter. Plus your choice of lip color. Some glitter or sparkle paints will bring out the magic in this fairy design!

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Green Fairy Face Painting Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Using a high density face painting sponge, apply a lime green face paint (or your choice of color) to eye area. The shape to aim for is a butterfly wing, with the highest point above the center of the eyebrow. To really make this sparkle like fairy dust, apply a shimmery powder or some glitter on top of the green paint.

Step 2: Using white face paint on a face painting brush, begin to paint on the design. It may help you to imagine this as 2 swans, one over each eye, facing each other. Start with the swan’s neck and head. Then paint the body just below the eyebrow. Add the line up from the outer corner of the eye to create the ‘tail’. You can add a little scroll beneath the inner corner of each eye if you like.

Step 3: Continue with the white face paint. Add 3 ‘petal’ shapes below each eye. Paint on another line between the upper lines (swan body and neck!) and flick this out at the end in 2 curves (see image).

Pretty Green Tinkerbell Make Up

Green Fairy Face Painting Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Paint a large teardrop shape with white face paint between eyebrows, tapering down onto the nose. Add a smaller teardrop on either side. Beneath the large teardrop paint 3 dots.

Step 5: Using dark green face paint add definition to the white lines by adding partial shading on the inside of the design and over the top of the teardrops. Some small additional green lines are added in the video.

Step 6: Paint the lips in your choice of face paint shade. In the video a pearlescent red is used. You can get a similar effect with Snazaroo red sparkle face paint. Personally, I think this fairy face painting example looks pretty with pink lips rather than red, so that’s what I’ve used here. Finally, add plenty of face glitter for that fairy magic! In the video, silver glitter is dotted onto the teardrops and a frosted green glitter is used on the outer lines of the design.

Sparkly Party Makeup for Girls

If you are in Europe and read German, you have the option of buying the products used in the video from the Eulenspiegel online store.

Magical Green Fairy and Tinkerbell Costumes

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Tinkerbell Face Painting Design by Eulenspiegel

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