Pierrot is an Easy Clown Face Paint Design

Pierrot is an Easy Clown Face Paint Design

Sad Clown Makeup

Even if you think you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, give this Pierrot Clown face painting design a try. If you keep it basic, it doesn’t get much easier than this!

Clown face paint is popular with kids all year round. Of course, since circus clowns are usually played by adults, you can wear this face painting design at any age. It is a fun way to play with the paints without worrying too much about creating a perfect result.

One of the easiest clown faces of all is a Pierrot. This is the clown who wears a floppy white suit and is often shown crying. Pierrot is a traditional character from Italian theatrical productions of previous centuries who has remained popular today. He is a male clown but during the last century was frequently also painted as a female clown. So it is fine for either males or females to be a Pierrot.

If you don’t have a face paint kit you can easily and cheaply buy the paints for the Pierrot clown featured here. You only need white, black, and your choice of red or pink for any detail you wish to add.

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2 Large 18ml Snazaroo Face Painting Compacts Colors: 1 BLACK and 1 WHITE
18ML BRIGHT RED Snazaroo Classic Face Paint
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Pierrot Clown Face Painting Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Using white face paint on a high density face painting sponge, cover the face. Pay particular attention to they eyebrows as your Pierrot clown design will have eyebrows painted on.

Step 2: A completely white face will look very bland and boring. You need to give your eyes (or those of your model) plenty of definition. Use black face paint on a face painting brush to outline the eyes quite thickly. The outline can be thicker at the outer corners of the eye. Now paint on the eyebrows. I’ve created this step by step face painting diagram for a classic sad Pierrot, so the eyebrows are in an exaggerated sad shape. Other options are shown in the lower diagram.

Step 3: Paint on the mouth. For the sad Pierrot clown, use red face paint on a brush. You can outline the lips with black paint if you like. Again, you want to create obviously sad features. You can do this by making the top lip wider than the bottom, and ensuring its corners point slightly down. The finishing touch for a classic sad Pierrot style clown is a tear. Add it with the black face paint on one cheek. Dot on white paint for a highlight.

First Steps to Crying Clown Face

Pierrot Clown Face Paint Detail — 3 Different Options

Option 1: Create a different look by adding vertical lines over the eyes (smudge them out where they meet the eye outline). This is a commonly seen Pierrot look. If you like, add a small red heart or two on the upper cheek. A stencil such as this hearts glitter tattoo stencil set makes adding details like these even easier.

Option 2: This is a different Pierrot look that is sometimes seen. If you only have black and white paints, you can create this one! Pierrot is smiling, so extend that lip line well beyond a natural smile. You don’t want sad eyebrows, so instead in step 3 (above) create the classic curved clown eyebrows. This gives more room above the eyes so you can extend the vertical lines even further if you want to exaggerate this carnival makeup.

Option 3: Perfect for little girls and for women who want the feminine Pierrot look of the 20th century that you may have seen. This Pierrot clown is often seen holding a pink rose to her face. To create it, simply use pink face paint to paint the lips and to sponge on the cheeks for blush. You can add glitter to the lip paint or dust some pink face glitter over the pink painted cheeks for a pretty look. Finish with a teardrop. Eyebrows should not be too bold with this design.

Alternative Harlequin Make Up Designs

Choosing Your Pierrot Clown Costume

Pierrot Costume Ladies PlusGirls Pierrot the Clown Outfit
Child Pierrot Clown Suit

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Harlequin Clown Face Painting Design by Misschievous

Misschievous is famous for her fantastic makeup designs. After putting this post together, I discovered that she has her own version of Pierrot. She has called it ‘Pantomime Mask Makeup’. It is long as she talks you through each step in real time, but well worth watching if you’d like to make up your own face to match the end result.

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