Pumpkin Face Painting: The Cutest Halloween Face Paint!

Pumpkin Face Painting: The Cutest Halloween Face Paint!

Orange Pumpkin Face Paint

Just my opinion, of course, but I think the Pumpkin gets the prize as one of the cutest Halloween face painting designs there is! A pumpkin costume is always fun but this really would give it the finishing touch and means that your little pumpkin won’t feel left out when he or she sees friends and siblings with painted faces.

This is an especially adorable face paint for small kids but if you are happy to be center of attention you can try it out on yourself too.

While we are on the subject of little ones, although face paints are non-toxic and safe for kids you might feel happier keeping a small area free of paint around the mouth and eyes. Of course, always use a reputable brand of face paint in any case. (There is a lady on YouTube who paints her own face with acrylic paints — as she points out herself, this is NOT recommended!)

You do need a few colors of face paint to create the detail on this pumpkin. Glitter isn’t necessary but kids love it and it makes the finished face painting look more special. Red, orange or gold face glitter would work best. For my version of the design, the following (or equivalents) would be helpful:

pumpkin orange face paintyellow face paintgreen face paint

Cute Pumpkin Face Painting Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Create the pumpkin outline using brown face paint on a face painting brush or a face painting crayon. You could also use red face paint (see video below) or simply use black face paint. A pumpkin is much rounder than most people’s faces so you need to make the pumpkin smaller than the face to fit it on. A rounded heart-shape works well.

Sponge on orange face paint using a high density sponge within the outline to fill in the pumpkin shape.

Step 2: Sponge on yellow face paint in a wide vertical band on each side of the nose.

Step 3: Use light brown (or red) face paint to mark out the divisions in the pumpkin and to add shading around the outer edges.
Halloween Party Face for Kids

Finish Your Pumpkin Halloween Makeup Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Paint on a stalk with green face paint. A pumpkin stalk is wider at the base than at the top.

Step 5: Use black face paint on a brush to add large triangles over the eye area. You may find it easier to paint triangles that point outwards (as in my image) but if you have enough room between the top of the eye and the outline of the pumpkin you could paint most of the triangle above the eye (see the video link).

Using your (or your model’s) mouth as a the center line, paint on a jagged pumpkin mouth. Extend this beyond the natural mouth line at the sides.

Step 6: Use green face paint to add some tendrils to the pumpkin stalk. Highlight these with a little white face paint and add a line of white to one side of the stalk too. Apply face glitter to pumpkin and stalk.

Finishing the Pumpkin Face

This pumpkin design was inspired by the pumpkin face painting video below from Woolworths.co.uk. Although mine is very similar in many ways, the video shows the painting on a small child’s face so watch out for the differences. This pumpkin also features an impressive stalk and leaves, with the tendril coming down over the nose.

Pumpkin face paint step by step animation

Be Adorable in a Cute Pumpkin Costume!

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Pumpkin Face Painting Design by Woolworths.co.uk

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