How to Paint a Puppy Dog Face

How to Paint a Puppy Dog Face

A Dalmation Puppy Face Painting Tutorial

Isn’t this puppy dog face paint adorable? We have a cat face paint design so now it is time to make the dog lovers happy too!

This is a great example of a face painting that doesn’t cover the whole face. Your own skin color can provide contrast with the white and black areas of this design. The only tricky part of this dog face paint design is the fine brush work. But you can add as much or little detail as you like to your puppy dog face.

Kids will of course love to be a puppy or dog but you can have a lot of fun with this look if you are older too. Couples can even go to costume parties as a cat and a dog… but no fighting, please!

This clever face painting design is from makeup artist Lyn and you can see her video below. Her finished dog look is fantastic! It just shows what you can do with only 3 colors of face paint.

black and white face paintred face paint
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Puppy Dog Face Paint Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Create the white areas of the face. You can use white face paint on a face painting brush or face painting crayons also work well. As you can see, you are creating the ears which follow the line of the eyebrow and then curve down the side of the face. You are also painting the muzzle area and part of the chin. The blank part of the chin is where the dog tongue will be, so try to imagine a tongue shape here to guide you.

Step 2: Now to make those ears hairy! Use black face paint on a brush or a black face painting stick to outline the ears. Feather the paint outwards all around the top and outer edge of the ear shapes. (When Lyn does this, she first uses a black face paint crayon and later goes back with a fine brush to add more detail.) Now add the hair detail down the outer sides of the muzzle.

Step 3: Color in the tip of the nose. Add a curved black line to each side of the muzzle, and color in the center part, wider at the base and thinner towards the nose. Add 3 dots on each side of the upper lip.

Starting Your Cute Dog Makeup

Puppy Dog Face Paint Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: Now use your black face paint to color in the eye patch over one eye. If painting a little one’s face, you don’t need to go too close to the eye. A thick circle around the eye gives a similar effect.

Step 5: Use bright red face paint on a brush or as a face paint stick to paint the lower lip. Now draw your dog tongue and color it in.

Step 6: Finally, extend the black area you created between nose and mouth, to form a black ‘mouth’ area on your top lip. Outline the lower lip and tongue in black. With a fine brush add a line to the center of the tongue, being careful to curve it so that it looks natural.

Spotted Dog Face Design

Now add your Cute Puppy Dog Costume

puppy dog ears and taildalmation costume childdalmation puppy costume

If it’s your little one who is going to be the puppy this Halloween, why not dress up as Cruella de Vil for the perfect matching mother-child costume!

Cruella deVil wig101 Dalmations Cruella costumeplastic cigarette holder Cruella de Vil

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Dog Face Painting Example by Bxg1549

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