The Joker: Creepy Clown Face Paint

The Joker: Creepy Clown Face Paint

How to do Joker Make Up

A lot of people are creeped out by clowns. I think we can (at least in part) blame Stephen King for that. And Batman, of course.

Jack Nicholson took the creepy clown comic-book figure of The Joker and brought him to life on our screens. More recently, Heath Ledger came along and gave us a new, even creepier reinterpretation of The Joker, before his own young life was cut short.

But the green-haired maniac with the creepy clown face is immortal. Many of us grew up with the comics or the first Batman movies, and kids now can almost all recognize The Joker, even those too young to watch the latest movie.

No wonder The Joker is a popular face painting design for all ages. Heath Ledger made this creepy villain a look that teens and tweens want to be seen with. And it is a look that never gets tired for adults, especially since Ledger’s makeup brought a new edge to it. Men who would normally shy away from face paint are going to look fantastic as The Joker. Of course, as the paint is anything but subtle and disguises your own features, a woman can wear the look just as well as a man.

Heath Ledger’s The Joker makeup inspired one of my favorite face painters, MarvelousMasks. And, as frequently happens, MarvelousMasks inspired me. So what you have here is my interpretation of MarvelousMask’s version of Heath Ledger’s The Joker. MarvelousMask’s own video is below.

You can create this look with only 3 colors of face paint.

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2 Large 18ml Snazaroo Face Painting Compacts Colors: 1 BLACK and 1 WHITE
18ML RED Snazaroo Classic Face Paint

Heath Ledger Style ‘The Joker’ Clown Face Paint Steps 1 – 3

Step 1: Using your white face paint, cover face with the paint using a high density face painting sponge. This may take more than one application so just take your time to achieve good coverage.

Step 2: Create the extended line of The Joker’s famous mouth using red face paint and a fine face painting brush or draw it on with a red face painting crayon. Using sponge (or crayon) fill in the lips. Don’t be too tidy as you will be smudging all this paint soon.

Step 3: With red face paint and sponge, apply paint to the full line of the clown mouth. You can smudge it about with the sponge and be a little messy.

Painting Face Like the Joker

Heath Ledger Style ‘The Joker’ Clown Face Paint Steps 4 – 6

Step 4: With black face paint on a brush or a black face paint crayon, add a black central line to the red clown mouth. This goes out from the natural lip line and extends for about 2 thirds of the red paint line. Smudge this black paint in a bit to make it thicker and less harsh.

Step 5: Using black face paint on your high density face painting sponge, roughly apply black around the eyes. It needs to go over the eyelid and up above the eyebrow, sweeping up and out. Also apply beneath the eye and smudge downwards. Using the edge of the sponge, drag the paint at the outer edges out to create an untidy edge (as if the makeup had been running into creases in the skin).

Step 6: With black paint on a brush, add a little detail to the inner eyes and forehead, creating some fine wrinkles. MarvelousMasks appears to ask his model to snarl and frown and then paints in the natural crease lines — a clever trick! Also with a brush add in the upward curve to the black lip line, which curves in onto the cheeks. To finish off, simply smudge everything (with a clean sponge, as MarvelousMasks notes on his video) to lose any harsh edges and give it that grungy, messy look of Ledger’s Joker.

Creepy Evil Clown Face Paint

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Ledger Style Joker Face Paint Video by MarvelousMasks

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