Sculpting the Matterhorn in 3D: A Blender Landscape Experiment

Matterhorn model by Indigo JansonIt sounds optimistic, I know. Sculpting a 3d version of the Matterhorn, Europe’s most iconic mountain, based on a few photos. Someone with more experience of 3d sculpting would probably have laughed and told me to make a wineglass instead. Since nobody did, I gave it a go.

I picked up the basics in working with terrains in Blender from David Ward’s excellent CG Cookie video series on Creating an Island Environment in Blender. Wanting to take if further, I figured I’d have a play around and make a mountain of my own. And when it comes to mountains, I’m probably not alone in thinking of the Matterhorn with its distinctive triangular profile.

Following the steps in the earlier part of the tutorial and pushing and pulling some vertices around for a while got me to … Continue reading

My Blender Citizen Diary: The Pilot Character Tutorial

Blender tutorial on character creation -- my reviewIf you’ve been looking in on my Blender Citizen tutorial progress, you won’t have seen a whole lot here over the last 3 weeks. The reason is not that I’ve given up, but rather that I’m still in the middle of a long and challenging tutorial: the Introduction to Character Modeling in Blender.

This character creation course by Jonathan Williamson is another multi-part tutorial that is filed under the Beginners section. Once again, I have to stress that this does not make it an ‘easy’ tutorial. If you are ready to push yourself, though, you’ll get many hours of quality instruction that guides you expertly through each step.

If You Don’t Mind Hard Work, You’ll Learn a Lot in this Detailed Blender Course

All credit to Jonathan who has … Continue reading

My Blender Citizen Diary: The Toon Plane Tutorial

Reviewing a Tutorial from Blender CookieThis is my series of posts on my experience of the Citizen membership of CG Cookie, which I joined mainly for the Blender tutorials. You can view all of my tutorial reviews here. I’m sharing these for a couple of reasons. Firstly, to let others know what kinds of things you’ll be able to learn if you join. And also so that I have a record for myself of my Blender progress, because it’s easy once you’ve learnt something to assume that you always knew it.

For my third tutorial, I chose the Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling Plane Tutorial which is by Jonathan Williamson. I believe Jonathan is the founder-owner of CG Cookie, and has earned himself a well-respected name, so I knew I was in safe hands with this … Continue reading

My Blender Citizen Diary: The Guitar Tutorial

I made this guitar in BlenderAs I noted in my last entry, I finally joined up as a Citizen Member with CG Cookie. Currently, my main interest is in Blender Cookie, but I look forward to a side-helping of Concept Cookie at some point in the next 3 months.

I decided a 3 month membership was the way to go. Even though I don’t currently have a large budget for this kind of thing, one month seemed a bit too stingy. Maybe it’s just me, but this is quality training and I didn’t want my experience to be grab-and-run. Since Blender itself is open source I’ve already gained so much for free.

Only time will tell if new additions to the site over the course of my membership also made paying upfront for a quarter worthwhile. What I do know … Continue reading

Becoming a Blender Citizen… And the Cute Elephant Tutorial

My cute elephant modelAfter a little over half a year of going it alone, I’m now a Blender Citizen. My immediate reaction on signing up for a 3 month plan was “why oh why didn’t I do this sooner?”

I began experimenting with Blender at the end of last year, and was eased along the learning curve by an excellent beginner’s book. From there, I moved on to free video tutorials, some of which would have been well worth paying for (special credit has to go to LittleWebHut here for great Blender novice tutorials, with Andrew Price and Sardi Pax having some quality offerings for intermediate users).

And this was fine, I picked up some skills and learned some new … Continue reading

Fun in Blender3D with Low-Poly Landscapes

Create your own low-poly landscapeIf you are a Blender beginner who knows the basics and now wants a project that will give you a sense of accomplishment, well this could be it. Low-poly is not only a hot trend right now, it also happens to be fun and relatively easy. Even for a Blender novice.

I’m proof of that. New to Blender at the start of the year and still learning the finer points of the software, I was still able to follow along a couple of good low-poly landscape tutorials and then to create a landscape of my own.

You can learn everything you need to know using this CGI Tuts+ tutorial from Karan Shah. This is a very clear and comprehensive written tutorial that takes you step by step, all the way from concept to finished … Continue reading

Learning Blender: Beginner, Novice and Intermediate Video Tutorials

Glass and Cloth simulation with Blender3dDo you want to learn Blender to be able to model and render your own creations in one place, and maybe even animate your own films? Or do you want to create 3D models you can use in DAZ Studio or Poser, without spending a small fortune?

Whatever your reasons for downloading Blender, if you’re a beginner you want to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, many (most, I’m willing to bet) of us find our first experiences of Blender to be more like running through treacle. Getting good at Blender takes time. Yes, even if you are an IT professional, or have used other 3D software, or generally consider yourself a quick study.

The fact is, things are different in Blender. Experience elsewhere … Continue reading

Blender 3D Basics: A Friendly Helping Hand for Blender Beginners

Learning Blender3D from a bookCan you learn Blender from a book? Should you even try? Actually, yes. If it wasn’t for a book – Blender 3D Basics by Gordon C. Fisher, to be precise — I might never have crossed the line that divides Blender users and, well, everyone else.

It wasn’t my first attempt. I first tried Blender years ago. Apparently I’m in good company there, or so the statistics say. It turns out most of us have a couple of false starts. Put that down in most cases to the learning curve.

Yes, it starts out steep. As you try to haul yourself up by your fingernails, only to slide down again, you can be forgiven for thinking it’s an impossible feat. Happily, the terrain … Continue reading