Merry Christmas and Remember to Grab those Free Gifts!

For the 3D enthusiasts among my readers, here’s a quick reminder to pick up those fantastic free gifts that PAs have been sharing at Daz3D this month. Most, it must be said, are courtesy of InaneGlory and will give you some great Iray presets for Genesis 2 (generation 6) Daz Original characters. I stopped by the site today and found a whole bunch of them (Lilith 6, Giselle 6, Gianni 6, Girl 6), though the more frequent visitors among you may have picked up one or two yesterday.

There were also some very nice looking lights from the FWSA team. Can’t wait to try those soft light probes and the new Iray skin presets out.

Things have been quiet around here this December while I’ve been working on other projects. However, I hope you’ve grabbed some of those exciting new products over at Daz and your other favourite 3D marketplaces. Remember to open daily newsletters for all … Continue reading

Get Snug and Enjoy December!

If you live in a colder part of the world, I hope you’re keeping warm this winter. We have stormy weather here but I’m warm and fuzzy today thanks to the newsletter feature from the marketing team at Daz.

I know I’ve made the odd comment about newer or less well-known PAs not getting so much exposure, although I’m aware it’s not personal and simply about the day’s theme and grabbing the attention of customers. Just the same I’m thrilled that a product release of mine hit the right note for the team’s daily theme, and think they did an amazing job with the magazine-cover style newsletter. So thank you everyone in Marketing, I know you have a lot to deal with in more ways than one, and can’t please us all, but once in a while you make someone’s day — today you made mine!

Anyhow, what all this means is that I have a new … Continue reading

Great Deals on Smaller PA Stores this Weekend!

If you’ve been following the Daz3D sales, you’ll know that Thursday (Thanksgiving for many) had some nice discounts on DAZ Originals, while yesterday saw a select number of PA stores go on sale at 55% off. These were of course the big stores or top-selling artists who, as some customers noticed, are frequently on sale. If you too have noticed the same names cropping up in these kinds of sales, it’s not down to the PAs, or at least not unless there’s some secret process I don’t know about. Top selling vendors simply get more promotion round the year.

What about everyone else? It pretty much comes down to the annual PA Sale, plus those rare store-wide sales. If you have a new release, your store also goes on sale. But that’s it. Which is why it’s exciting that there is one of those wonderful store-wide sales going on all weekend, only this time it is rolling … Continue reading

Michael 7 is Here… And Genesis 3 Male is Free

Sorry folks, I’ve been out of touch for a while. While all the excitement of the Platinum Club sale was going on, many of us PAs (vendors at Daz3d) were going all out to get content ready for Michael 7. I have an outfit all ready for him which I hope people will have fun with. I’d love to share more but it’s a bit too soon for teasers. It probably won’t make it into the store before the end of this month, but early December is a possibility. I’m also working on what I hope will be my next release after that.

Enough about me! Everyone now has access to the new Genesis 3 Male, aka Eddie, who I think is looking really good. Remember, you can get this guy for free. Look for him under Genesis 3 Male Starter Essentials in your DIM (download manager). You’ll get a useful set of 10 poses, hair, and Basic … Continue reading

FWSA Indigo and Jade… Gorgeous 3D Girls for Generation 7

I don’t normally single out one-off (in this case, two-off!) items by individual vendors for special attention. But you know the moment I saw FWSA Indigo’s name that I would have to post. Fred and Sabby always make such appealing characters but I think Indigo and her companion, FWSA Jade, might just be the best they have done yet. The FWSA Indigo character is also a DAZ Original (sadly, Jade is not), so she is even more affordable. That means you can pick her at the Daz3D Store without denting your PC Sale budget too much, and hopefully have enough to spare for her sister too, who has the PC Sale 40% discount on new PA items.

FWSA Indigo is very pretty and feminine, with a beautiful skin tone. She was designed for Victoria 7. FWSA Jade is for Teen Josie 7 and has a wide-eyed ingenue look. Her compelling feature, other than those big soulful … Continue reading

PC Sale 2015 in Full Swing!

Were you as relieved as me when the Daz PA Sale finally drew to a close a couple of days ago, and stopped the endless stream of temptations? Of course, yesterday the Platinum Club sale began, so there’s a whole lot of new discounts and limited-time sales to watch out for, alongside new 3D content with a 40% off intro discount.

I’m not going to be doing daily deal posts given all the time involved, and the fact that sales can change, break and be fixed all at short notice. I did want to give a heads-up to anyone who hasn’t stopped by and let you know about the freebies.

Firstly, make sure you grab the MegaPack. It contains a bumper 24 PC items, all for free. Although these are all older models, there’s some solid model and texture work by some of your favourite artists in there. If you don’t mind playing with surface settings and updating … Continue reading

Deals for the Week 19th – 25th May

May 25th: Couple of things going on today. Firstly, ImagineX, Kayleyss and ablaze between them bring us some Amazing Interiors with an associated promotion on selected products and PA stores. There’s also a Predatron promotion, Reverent Remembrance, running alongside the release of his Monks Robes and Monks Hair (both for G2M).

May 23rd: Greet the weekend with some girlie releases that include Japanese girl Asami for G2F by Matari3D and the striking Niska for G2F who is a real-world beauty. Also pick up some Big Afro Hair and Fatale Noir poses.

May 21st: It’s all about superheroes and warriors today with a variety of fantasy releases. Don’t miss all those exciting looking shaders from Denki Gaka which can also be bought in one big Super Shaders – Super Bundle.

May 20th: Just Platinum Club Plus releases today, but these include the lovely Karina, an HD character for Olympia 6 by Fred Winkler Art and Sabby. There’s also a … Continue reading

Deals for the Week 12th – 18th May

May 18th: Catch 3 flash sales today, saving 60% on Sickleyield and 3D Universe’s stores and 50% on EmmaAndJordi.

Weekend May 16th-17th: After a quiet Saturday, Apocalyptic Horror Sale aside (not my thing), we have some beautiful products on Sunday ranging from the impressive The Dancer Poses for G2M by Navi, to hair, drapes, and female outfits. Haiku for Keiko 6 by Thorne is too adorable for words, and anything by Shifting Images will stop me in my tracks so her Brides and Punks textures have my full attention. Plus ironman13 has not one but 2 new pose packs out. Also catch the associated artist stores which don’t even require purchase of a new item.

May 15th: The working week (for most of us) ends with 12 new releases. The theme is ‘Dark and Desolate’ but this covers everything from Concrete Cache Shaders for DAZ Studio to Mourning Poses, Sci Fi Freight Containers, and a Derelict Locker Room. … Continue reading

Deals for the Week 5th – 11th May

May 11th: Start the new week with a dance and exercise outfit and a whole new take on the dance studio. Plus poses and textures, a ruffle bikini, and the youthful and lovely Mina character from Freja. 12 new items in Fast Grab too (see below). Also grab a flash sale if you can on Genesis 2 items. There are 405 to choose from.

Weekend 9th-10th: Saturday brought more training packs from Dreamlight, followed on Sunday by a range of female and fantasy items. I’m in the advanced stages of work on a new product so nothing else is distracting me from that right now, but swing by the store to catch up on what’s new from popular vendors such as RawArt, EmmaAndJordi, ironman13, Design-Anvil, and Fred Winkler and his collaborators. By the way, some of us are having trouble logging in to the forum this weekend… but it’s hard to share that when you can’t get into … Continue reading

Deals for the Week 28th April – 4th May

May 4th: Monday brings a plant and flower sale to brighten up the week ahead, plus Sedor is celebrating his store birthday with a sale. Pick up some great poses and other bargains.

Weekend 2nd-3rd: 11 new releases on Sunday range from fantastic Foxes by Alessandro AM (they do look amazing) to flirty clothing and anime poses. I guess Chika by Liquid Rust will be the perfect Elsa for those of you who like a fusion of toon and realistic, and who didn’t find what you wanted in Callie.

May 1st: May is off to a merry start with MeriMay! Aave Nainen brings us this ultra-versatile dress packed with her convincing draping morphs for more realism in 3D clothing. 3 different add-on sets complement the base dress product, which costs a bargain $3 for a limited time only, and you can also buy from Aave’s store at a 60% discount. Also check out the One Man Band, a … Continue reading