Victoria 8… and What Happened to Genesis 4?

As the gorgeous Victoria 8 is launched today at Daz3D, this quick post explains the leap from Genesis 3 to 8.

Understanding the Past: Vicky’s Family Tree

In my Who’s Who: Understanding the Genesis Line Up of 3D Figures post I added to my original 2014 post which had included an infographic. A lot of people found that diagram helpful, but sadly it went out of date very quickly!

Anyhow, the post above takes you up to Genesis 3, the series of figures whose names ended in a 7. This was a result of them being the seventh generation. Most people have heard of the iconic Victoria 4 and Michael 4, who themselves replaced earlier Victorias and Michaels. So each new generation continued that progression. We had V5, M5 and friends. Then came V6 and M6 and their generation 6 buddies. Most recently, we’ve seen a large family of 7 series 3D models joining Victoria and … Continue reading